Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am dying here

Without my camera charger.Argh!
I went thrift shopping again and got the COOLEST iron candle holder.Its taller then me and heaaaaaavy! Best part I paid 5 bucks! Better then garage saling and open ALL year! Ü
Yesterday I packed all the kiddos in the car and we decided to discover Bismarck. I had hoped to go to the Zoo but we found a street fair instead. I found Wonderful Hubby the coolest Beer Garden sign.
We also found 2 more huge thrift stores but I will have to go back to them as I didnt have the truck.So no point in lookingThats just a tease.Lol
I am having the hardest time not tearing things apart in this house. This is truly a test of patience for me. Those of you that know me can truly appreciate what a good girl I have been that I have sat here and NOT ripped out one peice of wall paper. Nor have I ripped out ANY of the lovely 200 year old pink carpet in Gracies room.I will truly deserve a big present for this. I have it on good authority that one is going to be arriving this very Thursday.........Can you guess what it is???????


Jan said...

Retail therapy is always awesome! :-D What is arriving Thursday..... I seem to remember a margarita machine, a bag? or a behmor... so one of those? Or better yet your conex?!

Frankly Frankie said...

oh oh I know....could it be KILLIAN?

Freda said...

I don't have a clue as what you are getting but I want to go thrift shop shopping with you. I love thrift stores.

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