Monday, August 3, 2009


I couldnt think of a title post so yall get a smile.Ü
I asked (insert bribed) my boys to run up the hill opposite our house so we could get a real view. Wow I have a LOT of yard work to do. The jalepeno plant. It like just took off! Today I noticed about 3 more little buds. Sheesh. My tomato plant has one!
The hot tub we cant figure out how to drain! My kiddos are very grumbly about this. But I wont pay to have the guy come out until the house is officially mine. I already have had the water softener serviced and phone lines repaired. This can wait. You would think that it was the end of the world tho!
I did find out today that to get a license to homeschool I have to send in a copy of my diploma. This really wouldnt be a big deal except for said diploma is somewhere in the bottom of a 40foot connex god knows where. Oh yeah ALL her school books are in that same place also! Yeah WHO let the woman that packed those things out of the loony bin?
I am going to try and send in all the info with a letter and ask them to just let me get started until I can provide that.Argh.
So have yall given up on what is coming in just 2 short days???? One of you got it right.Hehehehehe.
Wonderful Hubby is flying into Sheridan Wyoming on Wed and driving him home to me!



Jan said...

That is a beautiful view!!!! I think I would ask what the due date was for all that homeschool stuff. Enjoy Killian!!!!!!

Rocksee said...

Your house is amazzzzzing!

Dang I was just there.. I coulda stole Killian and drove him back to AK!

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