Guess What!

No not that lol. I wish. Still stupid hold up.
BUT good news just the same! The 12th person has signed up for the mystery! Yippiee! Welcome Lunachance, I am so happy to have you along this mystery journey.Ü. So IF you have your material ready and you are ready for your first step just email me a picture of your fabrics and I will send your first step.
Dont feel rushed. I have only got one piece to my group of fabrics. It smacked me today at the fabric store and screamed TAKE ME HOME! Well I am pretty sure it said that. Im not going to share yet until I find the rest. It may just be screaming to be put into something else. I am not sure yet.
Tomorrow I have the whole day to myself. WoooooooooHooooooooo. My kiddos are going to an all day music festival. Skater boy has been told to bring his guitar too so he can play with some of the groups. He is super excited. I was told by the kids friends to come watch. When I told them I wasnt really into it they told me oh you should really go! There are a lot of "old" people who are gonna be there......Surprisingly I didnt kill the little mutt.


Jan said…
You are either mellowing, or losing your touch LOL I got my first fabric instructions and forgot to tell you! Sorry! It's been a bit crazy here. Thank you again!
Freda said…
Yep, you must be mellowing Becca. Enjoy your day.
Anonymous said…
Oh boy....

Haven't even started picking fabric yet! Might have to dive into the stash - here I thought I'd get to go shopping!?!?!?

Enjoy your quiet day -

GreedyGirl said…
Hi checking in from SITS

Happy Saturday Sharefest
Jennee said…
i'm intrigued on this mysterious quilt idea... don't know much about it, and it seems you got the spot filled...but i think i would have joined in.

Thanks for stopping by Cheap Therapy!

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