Seriously I CANNOT( kinda long)

Handle the stress of this house anymore. I am either going to need medication or I may explode.
Please excuse my earlier celebration post. I have NO CLUE what is going on. Its been such a roller coaster and I havent wanted to really post about it. I had thought it was safe since I was phone by my wonderful ( grrrrrr) hubby earlier to tell me we were all set for tomorrow. Well guess what!
The people that are supposed to be buying our house have been complete A*&^% but we have had to go with whatever because it was the better offer. Well last week one of my W.Hs (wonderful hubbys) buddies called him up and told him if the deal fell through he had a check waiting for him. His dad evidently won a huge amount of money in the washington state lottery and he wants our house.This we found quite amusing as we couldnt do anything about it, we were under contract with the others.
This was really getting to WH though. You see these other people have been so horrible they even demanded a boat that we had in the back yard. So we are going to have to purchase it from another friend to give it to them. We spent a lot of time really talking all this out as its not been easy. But with todays market and the down trend headed to Alaska's real estate we didnt feel that we had a choice.
As it turns out there is a LOT that WH is NOT telling me...ARGH.... Like that our contract was UP last week and we are under NO obligation to the itiots.....Sounds great doesnt it. It is and it isnt. He (that is WH) just called me from the real estate office. The itiots have asked for an extended close, they want until Sept 9 now. This cannot happen! We have a 2:30 close on this house on Friday! So WH told our realtor that he would not sign back under contract with those people. They have until Wed to close or we are not selling to them. As it is he pulled the boat out of the offer.The male itiot part of the equasion is going to have a very large cow over this.
What he didnt know in the first place about the boat though was that he thought it was a river boat and he is to stupid to know that it is a drift boat. It will do him no good in the river. I am sorry I am spouting off way too much here. Sorry! I know over half of you are probably tuned out by now. I am just so frustrated and angry I dont know what to do.
Hubby seems to think it will all just jive but I am not that trusting. Nothing has gone that way on that thouse. I swear I have an ulcer. I know WH is right in the descisions he has made but I am so stinking mad that he made them without me knowing. I am NOT the little woman here. I want those itiots to just vanish out of my life and I DONT want them owning that beautiful house..BUT I am scared to death if they dont that we will be put out on our ears from this one. AND I just ripped out a WHOLE room of wallpaper......
I need a drink.


Vicki W said…
Yes, find a beverage ASAP!

It will all work out right in the end.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.. your the best :)
Diana said…
Maybe WH did said above without your knowledge so you WOULDN'T FREAK OUT ON HIM....have a beer and relax1
Cathy said…
Oh dear! I do believe that an "adult beverage" is in order here. A strong one.
What became of the guy with all of the lottery money who wanted to snap up your house if the whack jobs fell through? I'd get him a drink too.

I hated selling/buying a house so much that I plan on never moving again. I hope this all works out for you.
Jan said…
Find a coupld of adult beverages adn spike the morning coffee. Sending hugs!
Aunt Julie said…
Hope things work out for you. SITS sent me over. Have a Happy Tuesday...
Ronnica said…
My good friend is having a ton of issues closing on the home that she's trying to buy. It's crazy stuff!

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