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Another finish!

Five before July

Yay! Another finish.That makes two.I havent finished two in one month in I dont know how long.Wow I love this challenge. I finished the Long Arm Round Robin. It was started in Jan 07.I put the final stitches in the binding at about 11 last night.So now I need to add another one to my list.Not an easy task as there are SO many to choose from. But I think I will add Runs With Scissors. It is named in honor of the scar I have running down my arm because yes I was running with scissors. I would like to say it was when I was a child that it happened but no I am the model of what NOT to do as an adult!

It was started as a round robin a couple of years ago and since has just sat in the studio waiting to be quilted. I think it is time.
My oldest you know the forklift driver, is spoiling me! I am ok with this but I do wish that she would not spend so much money.She is a good girl and very unselfish.I am proud of that although we did have a little chat about saving money too. Wit…

Anyone have a motrin?

Woke up this morning with a headache. I am sure its allergies so it will get better here soon. Makes me think working today is going to be just peachy.Sigh ok enough whining. I have absolutely nothing to report on the challenge so not even going to go there. Hubby and I veged last night.I dont even remember what we watched on t.v.....Modern Marvels I think.....

So I am going to go out and work. Really.I am procrastinating because I am afraid of what I am going to find. I am almost certain I am going to have to retime Gracie.I know I can do it but I am scared as it will be the first time.Yikes.

On a bright note I think I have talked my friend Melinda into going to the Quilted fashion show with me tomorrow. Yay. I hate going by mself to that. It has been tradition that I go with my friend Jody and daughter Jerikah but this year neither can go. Jody will be working in it and Jerikah has a job....Who will poke fun and laugh at stupid jokes with me? Hopefully Melinda. She gets my stupid sens…

Today I ran away from home

I snuck out of the house very early today.By Myself! It wasnt as exciting as it sounds though. I had a nail appointment first which was fun and now my nails look pretty again.Then I stopped by the local quilt shop to pick up some wool batting they had for me. Our local shop has a quilt show going on so I thought I would stop by there next.By this time though I was lonely.So I called my 19 year old and told her she had to go with me.Ü
I really enjoyed it.Looking at all the pretty quilts.Here are a few that grabbed my attention.

mine, of course.Ü I just love the colors on this one.The detail on this one is incredible.Crown Royal bags! Oh yeah!I want to BE one of these ladies!Looks like way too much fun!
There were two of these.Way too cute and it has to go on my wish list.
I have coveted one of these dolls for years.This one is EXACTLY what I want! Love the red and black together.Crazy huh! This one had me staring at it for quite awhile.Talk about talent.Loved these shoes.Five Before JulyI g…

Waiting for the repairman

Today I had to get my lazy self out of bed WAY to early.Our stupid one year old refrigerator has decided it doesnt want to work. So instead of taking advantage of a good day to sleep in I have to get up and wait for him.He has told me he will be here between 8 and 10:30........................What does that mean? Can it not be narrowed down a little more? Was he not sure when he would wake up?It actually makes me laugh. I have decided one of my children needs to be a small appliance repair person.Not only is the schedule pretty flexible but did I tell you he is charging me $85 to come and "look" at it? Yup we need one of the kids to be a dentist and another to be a small applaince repair person. The third career I am still undertermined on.

Five Before July
I did nothing last night.Sad but true.I always crash after cleaning day.BUT Peg emailed me this.How cool!

And as promised here is a picture of my finished bindings.YAY!

Now off to call customers to pick up quilts and wait for…

Super Tuesday

Five Before July
WooHooooooo! I have my first finish.The bindings are done! I will get pictures of them tomorrow as I need to hang them in the studio. I snoopy danced very quietly(it was very late and everyone was asleep) for quite awhile last night.

So now that I have finished one I will add another to keep it at five.So this is what I am going to add. I know it isnt even cut yet but it is on my WIP list as it has to get done for a baby that will be here very soon.In fact it should have been started like a month ago.

I do have quite a few already started projects but almost all of them are at the quilting stage.As you can see from this photo.I will most likely be adding from here next.How sad is this! I always forget I have so many to quilt because as soon as they are ready I take them to Gracie House.Then I only see them on work days.
This is goin to be my prize after the next finish. Mom to the above mentioned baby has never gotten a quilt from me.I have been trying really hard to ge…

hmmmmm Can I Go Back To Bed?

I know the answer is no. But if I wait a couple more hours maybe I can make it look like an early nap....We will see. I am feeling very lazy today and that is not good. I have a lot to do.Today is bill paying day,laundry day,and paperwork day for my business. Ugh.I HATE being a grown up.

How many have joined the wii craze I wonder. I have noticed it seems to be pretty popular among quilters. I have definitely enjoyed playing with my kids but havent been obsessed with it........Until wii Fit.I am easily becoming obsessed with this. I can actually do this and do it well! Yes that is a shock. Let me give you a little past history with myself and sports and with video games.

Sports. Tetherball, at a very early age I always had my head in the wrong place. May be the reason I have chronic headaches now.Will have to give that one some later thought. ANY team sport, I will be the last one picked and they will pray a natural disaster occurs before it is my turn to play. Golf Lesson, thinking ok …

Play time!

Well I wish I could report of Five Before July but yesterday I did not accomplish anything. I did work wise but not UFO wise. That beast of a quilt that I had to get done for work is done.Yes!

I was all set to play last night as hubby was supposed to work late.But wouldnt you know it he changed his mind. He decided we needed family time in the beer garden.I will bet you are wondering what a beer garden is.Lol. Well simply put it is the covered deck that is on Gracie House.Hubby needed man space. So we put a fire pit on the deck along with a cooler,table, and some chairs. On most nights in the summer hubby shish kabobs whatever strikes his fancy and we Beer Garden it. Most nights its just water and soda to drink but those names just dont sound Manly enough.

So last night he really prepared a feast of shrimp,chicken,beef, and all sorts of fresh veges. For desert he made strawberry shortcake. Sigh....I love a man that loves to cook.So even though it was kinda chilly and a little windy I en…

Finally its Friday

One more workday and then I can play again. Not that I really worked that much yesterday.I really had good intentions but the attention span was just not there. I have discovered it is better for me not to work on customer quilts when I am having to constantly remind myself of what I am doing and why. Its all because I have now become obsessed with playing in my sewing room.In my defense though I did load a quilt that is 115x112.Seriously. That was a major job! I even did one pass.So on that note.

Five Before July Challenge
I am determined to get something done each night.Even if it is just a few inches on the binding. So because I was a baaaaaaad girl and didnt work yesterday I did manage to get quite a bit of work done on Jerikahs skirt.However I screwed up one of the pannels and have to figure out if it can be fixed or if I will have to give it to my stick friend Jody.We will see. I dont know if I will wear it as it really isnt me but maybe to a quilt show? I am just not one of those…

A little bit of everything

Today is a workday and I really am planning on working. I am just being very lazy about it. It really isnt my fault though. Son who listens so intently to every word I say didnt hear me say that the door was open(any of the ten times I said it) and let my boxer Izzi ( cheetah dog) out. She ran so fast we couldnt even see which direction she went.She didnt come home until about 2 a.m. I tried to sleep but it just didnt happen.So I am dragging today.It should make for a fun day since this is my usual customer drop off day.
Five before July Update
O.k. So I did work really hard on my five yesterday. I got all the borders sewn on the mystery.Now I just need backing for it. Its huge at 88x114.I am even thinking about maybe another side border as I wouldnt mind it a little wider incase Jerikah will have a king size bed but it will fit as it is and if I decide to keep working on it it will never get done. I also worked on the skirt a little. I quit when it was time to iron as I hate ironing. …


I joined Pegs Five by July challenge. I was thinking to myself at the time that I doubted I even had that many but I would make it work..I honestly had not stopped to count how many I had! I didnt do drugs in my youth,and I dont over indulge in Alcohol so why was I so shocked to see that I have a gazillion! Where did they come from? Has someone been sneaking into my sewing room and randomly been starting projects? Yikes. I am NOT going to post all the pictures.It would be too embarrassing. So I will post enough to take me to five and then if I get them done I will post more.

On the bright side if this works I should have plenty of gifts for awhile! Then I can start new stuff. Ü. I m not going to even try and kid myself that I wont start new stuff regardless but atleast then I can do it guilt free. Now that someone busted my bubble last night I experienced an odd feeling that I later determined was guilt.I didnt like it and why was I feeling it? But none the less it was there.
The first …

Super Tuesday

I am going to ignore the whole cleaning day while I play for awhile. This is my favorite cousin Amy.She is such an awesome person and the end of November She and hubby (favorite cousin #2) Are having a baby.Very exciting.I am having so much fun planning things to make. Until next month though we wont know what it is. Then I am going to go nuts with sewing! These sheep were in the Rockies after we had crossed over into Canada. That baby was so adorable.We were amazed at how many animals we saw, Elk, deer, sheep, and moose. An amazing amount of deer. The pictures we got of those arent really good though as I am just not very quick on the camera. Ok now How could we drive by these without stopping! I cant remember the mining town these were in but it was before Cranbrook on the way back out of Canada to Washington. I take a strange variety of pictures dont I? This little guy was outside our hotel room chatting away and not at all frighted of us! I tried to get quilt shop pictures but hubby n…


Its hard to imagine just yesterday I was in Spokane eating breakfast with my favorite Cuz. I want to be back there.

What a long day.Getting through security at the Spokane area I was almost strip searched. Of course my loving hubby was having a fit from laughing so hard. WHY oh WHY do they not make underwires out of some other material then metal? I am SO tired of being felt up by a person with absolutely NO sense of humour! Of course because I am a female it had to be by another female not the really good looking guy that was also there. That would of wiped that smile off of hubbys face.Ü.

An hour from Spokane to Seattle sitting next to the loudest most chatty fellow (no not Hubby) I have ever seen.Thank the Heavens above it was NOT to me that he was talking.I seriously was contemplating shoving something in his mouth by the time we landed. His conversation starters were Me, Mine, I , Myself, and My.........What a piece of work.

So then our flight from Seattle to Anchorage.Not bad, arou…


One suitcase. Thats it just one. I understand why the airlines are limiting everyone to one suitcase. I hope it does help them to conserve fuel. But do I have to LIKE it? I have a headache from trying to fit all my stuff into one suitcase. Heaven forbid I buy anything while we are in Calgary.
I am only taking one pair of shoes to wear besides the ones I will wear while traveling.That is major for me because I could bring a suitcase just of shoes. So I am being good there.But I am having a horrible time trying to figure clothing out. Who knows if it will be hot or chilly.I have watched the weather the last couple of weeks and it has been up and down.So how the heck do you pack for that!
Not to mention personal items like make-up,flat irons,toiletries.This stuf is not small.It used to not be a big deal as I would carry most of it with me but now I cant. ugh.....I have decided to just buy things like shampoo in small bottles when we get there so I can just leave it. Even though I like salo…


I am not a camper. I have to just admit that and get over it. BUT I will say that camping in a motor home I can do. Its still not the Hilton but its not bad. We took off with 4 kids (son,2 friends and youngest daughter) on Wed of last week and actually had a pretty good time. The first night we just stayed in a campground but the last few nights we were able to stay at a place that had full hook up. Yes! There is something to be said for running water

AND electricity! I know I know I am not a "real" Alaskan woman. I hear it all the time. I am o.k. with that. I am a girly girl and I am proud to admit it. The boys brought their skateboards and as long as there was pavement they were very happy. Astrid just tried to follow but because she is fairly new at skateboarding couldnt keep up. Amida we discovered does not like ANYTHING about camping. At all! SHe is a bigger wimp then I am.She was so happy to get home. She really missed her big dogs.