Today I ran away from home

I snuck out of the house very early today.By Myself! It wasnt as exciting as it sounds though. I had a nail appointment first which was fun and now my nails look pretty again.Then I stopped by the local quilt shop to pick up some wool batting they had for me. Our local shop has a quilt show going on so I thought I would stop by there next.By this time though I was lonely.So I called my 19 year old and told her she had to go with me.Ü

I really enjoyed it.Looking at all the pretty quilts.Here are a few that grabbed my attention.

mine, of course.Ü
I just love the colors on this one.The detail on this one is incredible.Crown Royal bags! Oh yeah!I want to BE one of these ladies!Looks like way too much fun!
There were two of these.Way too cute and it has to go on my wish list.

I have coveted one of these dolls for years.This one is EXACTLY what I want! Love the red and black together.Crazy huh! This one had me staring at it for quite awhile.Talk about talent.Loved these shoes.Five Before July

I got the quilting done one the round robin and the binding sewn on by machine.So now all I have to do is ge the binding sewn down by hand.yay! Other then that nothing else got done.I did play a little. Yes that means I started something else.I am going to try turning this

Into something from this book! I hope.Oh yeah, remember the pizza fabric? It all came in yesterday.Yum.....And yes, we did have pizza for dinner last night.


Freda said…
I love all the quilts Becca. That pizza fabric looks like you can slice it and eat it. It looks so real. said…
Becca is you go way back on my blog I think to the first page you will see the things I made from the book, Its A Wrap. They were really fun and easy to make and I should make some more.

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