Super Tuesday

I am going to ignore the whole cleaning day while I play for awhile. This is my favorite cousin Amy.She is such an awesome person and the end of November She and hubby (favorite cousin #2) Are having a baby.Very exciting.I am having so much fun planning things to make. Until next month though we wont know what it is. Then I am going to go nuts with sewing!
These sheep were in the Rockies after we had crossed over into Canada. That baby was so adorable.We were amazed at how many animals we saw, Elk, deer, sheep, and moose. An amazing amount of deer. The pictures we got of those arent really good though as I am just not very quick on the camera.
Ok now How could we drive by these without stopping! I cant remember the mining town these were in but it was before Cranbrook on the way back out of Canada to Washington.
I take a strange variety of pictures dont I? This little guy was outside our hotel room chatting away and not at all frighted of us!
I tried to get quilt shop pictures but hubby never found me any in Canada. I was able to go to a couple in washington though as a fellow longarmer, Jean picked me and my cousin up and took us. I loved the two shops we went to.One was Pam Clarks and I have to say it is a MUST see if you go to Spokane. There are even man stores in the area as it is in an industrial section of town.I wish i had been able to spend more time as there were other quilters I wanted to meet but that will have to wait until the next time I go!
Ok I guess enough playing for me.


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