Finally its Friday

One more workday and then I can play again. Not that I really worked that much yesterday.I really had good intentions but the attention span was just not there. I have discovered it is better for me not to work on customer quilts when I am having to constantly remind myself of what I am doing and why. Its all because I have now become obsessed with playing in my sewing room.In my defense though I did load a quilt that is 115x112.Seriously. That was a major job! I even did one pass.So on that note.

Five Before July Challenge
I am determined to get something done each night.Even if it is just a few inches on the binding. So because I was a baaaaaaad girl and didnt work yesterday I did manage to get quite a bit of work done on Jerikahs skirt.However I screwed up one of the pannels and have to figure out if it can be fixed or if I will have to give it to my stick friend Jody.We will see. I dont know if I will wear it as it really isnt me but maybe to a quilt show? I am just not one of those wearable art kinda gals.I LOVE looking at it and always want to make it but then I don't like the way it looks on me. I also got a few more inches done on my bindings.This challenge is so much fun. I have been trying very hard to get to my ufo closet for the MQResource ufo list but I never seem to.So this is helping me now to do both! O.k. I need to get to work.


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