I am not a camper. I have to just admit that and get over it. BUT I will say that camping in a motor home I can do. Its still not the Hilton but its not bad. We took off with 4 kids (son,2 friends and youngest daughter) on Wed of last week and actually had a pretty good time. The first night we just stayed in a campground but the last few nights we were able to stay at a place that had full hook up. Yes! There is something to be said for running water

AND electricity! I know I know I am not a "real" Alaskan woman. I hear it all the time. I am o.k. with that. I am a girly girl and I am proud to admit it. The boys brought their skateboards and as long as there was pavement they were very happy. Astrid just tried to follow but because she is fairly new at skateboarding couldnt keep up.

Amida we discovered does not like ANYTHING about camping. At all! SHe is a bigger wimp then I am.She was so happy to get home. She really missed her big dogs.


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