I joined Pegs Five by July challenge. I was thinking to myself at the time that I doubted I even had that many but I would make it work..I honestly had not stopped to count how many I had! I didnt do drugs in my youth,and I dont over indulge in Alcohol so why was I so shocked to see that I have a gazillion! Where did they come from? Has someone been sneaking into my sewing room and randomly been starting projects? Yikes. I am NOT going to post all the pictures.It would be too embarrassing. So I will post enough to take me to five and then if I get them done I will post more.

On the bright side if this works I should have plenty of gifts for awhile! Then I can start new stuff. Ü. I m not going to even try and kid myself that I wont start new stuff regardless but atleast then I can do it guilt free. Now that someone busted my bubble last night I experienced an odd feeling that I later determined was guilt.I didnt like it and why was I feeling it? But none the less it was there.

The first is acutally a pile of 3.But all they need is the bindings sewn on by hand. So I am counting them as one. Only fair right? The second is a Mystery that I started for my oldest hope chest.Ok my hope chest for my oldest but thats not the point is it... It needs the borders,quilted, and label, and bound.

Now the third is a baby gift that i actually didnt even start to long ago.When my cousin finds out what she is having I want to be prepared.So since she is going to find out its a girl I will for the first time ever be ahead of the game! Yes I do have a boy quilt picked out but I am secretly hoping its a girl and I wont need the boy quilt.We shall see.
Now onto the fourth.This one is embarrassing as it was part of a longarm round robin. ALL I have to do is quilt the small outside border then bind. Now how pathetic is that! Im not talking about that one anymore that whole guilt thing comes back.

Last but NOT least is a skirt that I HAD to do.Even talked a friend into taking the class with me. Her skirt is done. In fact she has worn it. But mine well its actually for my oldest again but its a ways off from being done.

So there you have it.My five. So now I need get up from the computer get dressed and get to work. Well actually I need to go to Soldotna and pick up my pfaff from the doctors, go by Robins Place and pay for a class I signed up for a month ago.Im not lying it was really a month ago I didnt just do it I promise. And I need to pick up cloth diapers for burp rags I am making for my dear cousin(they are an ongoing project, not in my count) and also some clothes line for a purse that I want to start! The purse is my prize though.When I finish these five I get to make it.


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