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Today is a workday and I really am planning on working. I am just being very lazy about it. It really isnt my fault though. Son who listens so intently to every word I say didnt hear me say that the door was open(any of the ten times I said it) and let my boxer Izzi ( cheetah dog) out. She ran so fast we couldnt even see which direction she went.She didnt come home until about 2 a.m. I tried to sleep but it just didnt happen.So I am dragging today.It should make for a fun day since this is my usual customer drop off day.

Five before July Update

O.k. So I did work really hard on my five yesterday. I got all the borders sewn on the mystery.Now I just need backing for it. Its huge at 88x114.I am even thinking about maybe another side border as I wouldnt mind it a little wider incase Jerikah will have a king size bed but it will fit as it is and if I decide to keep working on it it will never get done. I also worked on the skirt a little. I quit when it was time to iron as I hate ironing. Last but not least I worked on the bindings. I need to make a label for one of them since I have a little girl picked out for it.

The new link I posted is a must to visit. Jan posted it on her blog so I buzzed over and loved it.I cant wait to show above mentioned hard of hearing son. I wish I could figure out how in the heck to post our videos but they just will never upload. Son has been learning a few new songs on the piano.It amazes me how he can figure them out off of youtube. Anyways these guys on the link are great and the videos of their kids are just way to cute!

Guess whos home?!? I almost for got my great news! After paying an impressive repair cost of $180.00 I was given my beloved Pfaff back.I missed my friend. That is probably why I accomplished so much yesterday my baby just hummed instead of that loud sick sound it was making before. A little costly on the repair but cheaper then a new machine.

Wanna see my new toy? Well I dont technically have it yet.But I will. Within the month it sounds like. I just wish they came in red...wouldnt that be awesome? My friend Melinda already has one and she shares for target shooting but I want my own. I would of never believed I would want a gun but I do.Ü

O.k I have procrastinated enough.Time to get to work.............


Jan said…
LOL They are good aren't they!! I'm glad we gave you a smile! And I'm VERY glad the boxer came back home!!! And the pfaff too!!! :-D Good luck with the UFO challenge!!!!!

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