One suitcase. Thats it just one. I understand why the airlines are limiting everyone to one suitcase. I hope it does help them to conserve fuel. But do I have to LIKE it? I have a headache from trying to fit all my stuff into one suitcase. Heaven forbid I buy anything while we are in Calgary.
I am only taking one pair of shoes to wear besides the ones I will wear while traveling.That is major for me because I could bring a suitcase just of shoes. So I am being good there.But I am having a horrible time trying to figure clothing out. Who knows if it will be hot or chilly.I have watched the weather the last couple of weeks and it has been up and down.So how the heck do you pack for that!
Not to mention personal items like make-up,flat irons,toiletries.This stuf is not small.It used to not be a big deal as I would carry most of it with me but now I cant. ugh.....I have decided to just buy things like shampoo in small bottles when we get there so I can just leave it. Even though I like salon stuff and not grocery store.But I guess I will live for a week. But my make-up that is a different story I am very picky about that. So I have to squeeze that in somehow too.
Then there is the hand quilting, and books....Sigh. I have decided no actual books only my ipod. I am also only bringing some hand applique, and that will fit into a small space.It just all adds up and takes up room............Maybe I will steal some space in hubby's suitcase.hmmmmmmmmmmm


Jan said…
Definitely hijack space in DH's suitcase!!! And if you shop, ship it home ;-) Don't deprive yourself of that. But you are right.... it isn't as easy as it used to be.
Smiles! Becca said…
you are SO right Jan! Thanks for being the voice of reson.WHat does he need a whole suitcase for anyways? Lol.......

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