hmmmmm Can I Go Back To Bed?

I know the answer is no. But if I wait a couple more hours maybe I can make it look like an early nap....We will see. I am feeling very lazy today and that is not good. I have a lot to do.Today is bill paying day,laundry day,and paperwork day for my business. Ugh.I HATE being a grown up.

How many have joined the wii craze I wonder. I have noticed it seems to be pretty popular among quilters. I have definitely enjoyed playing with my kids but havent been obsessed with it........Until wii Fit.I am easily becoming obsessed with this. I can actually do this and do it well! Yes that is a shock. Let me give you a little past history with myself and sports and with video games.

Sports. Tetherball, at a very early age I always had my head in the wrong place. May be the reason I have chronic headaches now.Will have to give that one some later thought. ANY team sport, I will be the last one picked and they will pray a natural disaster occurs before it is my turn to play. Golf Lesson, thinking ok maybe I can do this one. NOT. The kind old golf instructor couldnt wait to get me off his list. I really did try too. Note to others though they do not find it funny when out of frustration you throw the ball. For some odd reason that little stick is the ONLY thing that is supposed to touch the ball. Wind Surfing Lessons. Yeah I know this is a no brainer but I was forced into it. I am a very strong swimmer though so thought well maybe. Again NOT. After an hour of utter humiliation the instructor swam out to me and told me it was ok to quit.HA.Did he know who he was talking to? That made it worse. So after another hour of utter humiliation he swam out again and said Lady look it really is ok. I tried to bribe him with a quilt to swim under the board and just hold it still for a second but he thought that rather funny and politely said no. Oh I could go on and on but Instead I will start in on the video games. I have NO coordination. I know my left from my right but for some reason my brain is slow on its part with this. So I get creamed by even the youngest of players. The snoopy dances in this house are memorable for beating mom. It is a very rare occasion I ever ever get the upperhand.I actually after too much practicing got pretty good at mario.Then our old system broke. Ok no biggie I will buy the new system and show the kids what I can do. No the 3-d character made me dizzy and I was back at the beginning.Now out comes the wii fit. For some reason I am ok at all the games.Not great mind you but ok. The wii fit however I RULE. hehehehehe. If you dont have one and you are looking for some fun and excercise this is it my friends! Not to mention if you want to do a little snoopy dancing.
Five Before July
I actually got quite a bit done this weekend. Mainly because it rained all weekend so that put a damper on beer garden. I have two of the three bindings done.But I counted them as one so that isnt a whole finish yet.Maybe tonight? I also got a bit done on the skirt. I have a confession about the skirt. I HATE it. I would love to throw it away.I actually would throw it away but because I have it listed above I feel the need to actually finish it. That will be some effort let me tell you. I dont know why I hate it so much I just do. Its not ugly, it hasnt been particularly difficult, and it isnt supposed to be one of the longest time taking projects on the planet.Go figure. For fun I also made 10 more burp rags. I love these little guys. I am making about 6 dozen to have on hand for baby gifts.Good thing too as hubby came home with the news his secretary is about to be a first time grandma and could I make her some. He used to come home and ask for a quilt but he is getting better about that. I think the steam coming out of my ears kind of frightened him.

O.k I had better get to work.If I finish those yucky things early then I can play!


Jan said…
Can you make the skirt into something else so it still fits as done but in another form?? And how did you get your hands on a fit? I ask and they literally laugh at me in the stores :-)

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