Waiting for the repairman

Today I had to get my lazy self out of bed WAY to early.Our stupid one year old refrigerator has decided it doesnt want to work. So instead of taking advantage of a good day to sleep in I have to get up and wait for him.He has told me he will be here between 8 and 10:30........................What does that mean? Can it not be narrowed down a little more? Was he not sure when he would wake up?It actually makes me laugh. I have decided one of my children needs to be a small appliance repair person.Not only is the schedule pretty flexible but did I tell you he is charging me $85 to come and "look" at it? Yup we need one of the kids to be a dentist and another to be a small applaince repair person. The third career I am still undertermined on.

Five Before July

I did nothing last night.Sad but true.I always crash after cleaning day.BUT Peg emailed me this.How cool!

And as promised here is a picture of my finished bindings.YAY!

Now off to call customers to pick up quilts and wait for the repairman.



Freda said…
Things just aren't made very well today are they? Maybe it is just a small thing wrong with it.

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