Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting for the repairman

Today I had to get my lazy self out of bed WAY to early.Our stupid one year old refrigerator has decided it doesnt want to work. So instead of taking advantage of a good day to sleep in I have to get up and wait for him.He has told me he will be here between 8 and 10:30........................What does that mean? Can it not be narrowed down a little more? Was he not sure when he would wake up?It actually makes me laugh. I have decided one of my children needs to be a small appliance repair person.Not only is the schedule pretty flexible but did I tell you he is charging me $85 to come and "look" at it? Yup we need one of the kids to be a dentist and another to be a small applaince repair person. The third career I am still undertermined on.

Five Before July

I did nothing last night.Sad but true.I always crash after cleaning day.BUT Peg emailed me this.How cool!

And as promised here is a picture of my finished bindings.YAY!

Now off to call customers to pick up quilts and wait for the repairman.


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Freda said...

Things just aren't made very well today are they? Maybe it is just a small thing wrong with it.

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