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Sew Something For A Boy

You wouldn't think this one would be hard..I mean 2 monsters and all..But it was! You can get away with a lot for girls..Doll clothes, baby blankets,fluffy and fru fru stuff..Not so much with boys. My monsters don't need anything clothing wise..If they do I make it at the time. I thought about a car tote/holder..Wasnt doing it for me.
Hubby wants some matching ties to dresses I own but I don't have any fabric for dresses that would make a good tie. Hmmmmmm...OH YEAH. The Swoon Atlas Rucksack pattern.
I can not say enough good things about Swoon pattens. They are so well put together and the instructions are AMAZING...Not to mention they have a TON of free bag patterns. This is the PERFECT gift! Especially for a guy. My hubby has his order in for one. I just need to stop making them for gifts and one for him! Lol

Personal monogram Added Key fob. I LOVE the detail! It is love for this pattern <3 p="">…

Something to make sewing easier.....

Or in other words #week3challenge....This was not easy for me..For one thing I have been loving the fact that I could keep vacation/capsule/gift sewing and still keep with in the 52 week guidelines...This I could not make anything fit...

But then the end of last week I lost the presser foot to my Pfaff.The foot I use the most often! Now anyone that knows me knows I am organized chaos at best. But I NEVER lose parts to my machine. My beloved love of my life! 2 hours later and I was running for my laptop. To start pricing a replacement...

I put the laptop on the cutting table and just happened to look down to the side.
Yep...It is what it is....I have lost my marbles... But what it meant was I knew what to make for week 3! A little bit of fabric,boning, and rice and I am now just a bit more organized..

This is the tutorial I used :). thread-catcher-tutorial.html
The only thing I did alter was to add a pattern weight to the rice bag for a bit more weight..Now I am off to look for my seam r…

Week 2..Crushed it!


I am having a lot of fun with this challenge and I am proud to say I am stepping out of my box!

I have 4 purses to make for an upcoming girls night and I chose the Sweetpea from Blue Cala patterns. The best part is its a free pattern!

I did do some modifications to the back. I enlarged the pdf pattern to 120%. I then squared up the front flap. To the inside I added an extra pocket and a key fob. You can NEVER have enough pockets! In fact I may add more. :)..Key fobs are just a staple for EVERY bag I make. I hate searching for keys. This bag is a cross body and by enlarging it I think its going to be the perfect size! I found the fabrics at Walmart. All but the fairy frost I used for the lining..I really should have saved it for a quilt but it is so yummy I couldn't help it. I pulled it from my stash so pretty sure I can find some more ;)...
So now I can get back to work on the dozens of other things I need done b…

Week 1 of 52 in the books!

#week1challenge Warm/Soft Accept the challenge or Reject...I chose to Accept with a twist..Lol..Now that I live in Florida I just don't need as much of the warm as I used too..I am never going to get tired of saying that! I just couldn't get a feel on the soft. So I decided to make a Swimsuit!

I need a good suit that is modest for our trip to Sri Lanka in July. I happen to have a load of swim fabric that I purchased off of Ebay a few years back so I thought lets give this a go!

I used 5outof4's Escapade Tankini and Riptide reversible shorts. Except for a few minor tweaks I am VERY happy with how it turned out! So much so that if I get all my other sewing for the trip done I will be making another set!

The pattern was very easy to follow with great pictures to follow.

Sorry my pictures are not very professional on any of these but it was a long sewing day and I was NOT modeling the suit for y'all..

 Now the next finish was not a challenge finish. But I am so IN LOVE wit…