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Just a Hypothetical

Where would YOU hide your camera to keep it safe from packing? Maybe in the camera case? What would you do when your children found it and couldnt stop laughing...... I would probably blame wonderful hubby who isnt home to defend himself...Not saying that happened.Just saying.

Now its picture time! See all my new goodies from my buddy Jody! All were in that gorgeous bag that we have been passing back and forth for about 5 years.Ü.Now I get to keep it to give back to her next year since I already gave her this years. I have a terrible time with waiting.

I cant say which is my favorite item! I love the Apronism book. The pinwheel glass coaster I have been drooling over. The fabrics that go with my Faith Hope and Love wallhangings are PERFECT. How about the Sea Turtle Quilt hangers! Oooooh and that hot chocolate! I am so spoiled!! Now for the APRONS! These are the first four that I am giving away this month. I have one more to make and it will be a fancy schmancy one. What do you have to d…

I Think I NEED This Car.Ü

I would never loos it in a parking lot!

So no camera still today. BUT I have a good idea I may remember where I put it. I somewhat remember thinking that if I put it in a drawer I wouldnt pack it.So tomorrow I go on a search.

I made 3 more Aprons today. hehehehe. One of them is for Feb! Curious are you? Well you will have to wait and see. So far I have 2 done for Feb. Tomorrow I am playing with more aprons. I had to get a couple done that were already due to people but now its all about the playing.

I should be working. Should be anyways. Hubby is still in Valdez though so instead I am being a lazy one and not working.I really cant pack anymore or we wont have anything left out. I cant really clean until I get this garage sale junk out and I dont feel like firing up that big heater in Gracie House. My heater is still not working right. So that massive red neck heater I showed you earlier is all I have. Yeah......I am playing...


If you are interested in this here are the rul…

Goodies Galore!

K.... I have somehow misplaced my camera. I have this crazy idea that I may have packed it in the packing frenzy that has been going on. I surely hope not.....But until I find it there will be no eye candy.sigh.

First I wanted to post about the Pay It Forward gift I received. I cant wait to post a picture. Of course being me I have lost the packaging (its probably hiding with the camera snickering) so I cannot give credit but THANK YOU anyways to my friend in Australia who did a wonderful job on the scarf.It came right before I went to Washington. Now I will pay it forward to three people. If anyone is interested in being one of these three just leave a comment saying so!

Second I made 3 aprons today.3! Yay! Yeah no pictures to prove this but I really did. 1 is for a swap,1 is for me and 1 is for my blog give away.Ü

I also was the LUCKY recipient of the FABULOUS Kays generosity! I received that beautiful apron she posted about on her blog just a few short days ago. Funny thing is is tha…


This is the first time I have sat down and put my feet up since the airplane.Ü. Karen you may be right it might be a new diet plan! I am on standby right now as I ran out of boxes. The boxes we have been getting are so stinking small that I cant get much in them. Today hopefully we will get some more. I am so amazed at what I am NOT attached to. Eye opener for sure. Things I couldnt live without and just HAD to buy I now am pitching in the garage sale pile.

I wish we had more definite answers on when we are leaving.Its so hard not knowing anything but so far the plan is to put the house on the market in about two weeks. Maybe a little longer.As soon as it sells the kids and I will take off to ND to scope it out and start looking for a house. Depending on when that is we may have to come back to Alaska to help Jer paint the outside of this house and do the septic. Both have to wait until summer.Either way we will most likely be living in our 5th wheel for awhile. Good thing he didnt ren…

Still In Cowgirl Mode

I promised my children before we left that they would finally have some insight on why their mom was so crazy.Once they met the rest of my relatives and saw us all together it would all make sense. It didnt even take a full 24 hours and they were shaking their heads in amazement. They are still making fun of me and my little sayings but I SWEAR I heard one of them say garsh dang it yesterday! I was very proud..... Jan you should of won a prize! They are very pink. Wonderful hubby just laughed when he saw them.I may even spring for a hat.ÜIsnt this cake awesome? Everyone surprised us with a little anniversary party. I LOVED this cake. Walmart does an incredibly awesome job. It was so yummy too. I think I ate like 3 peices.Of Course this was the reason for the trip. What a handsome little man! I had to hold tight onto him because if I didnt the rest of the fam was waiting to take him. As you can see Boarder boy was hovering in the background.
Tice and boarder boy became great friends and …


Guess whos home! We fell through the door at 2 a.m. last night. I do mean fell through the door. I didnt even stop to go through maill or boxes. Just crawled right into bed while whispering sweet nothings to my pillow.

LOVE love love my aunt and uncles but the pillow I was using was not my friend. What is it with a woman and her pillow. I literally go through grief when its time to replace them. I do everything but lay in the aisle of the store to see if I can get the right position with the new one.

Anywho we had a FABULOUS time. I cuddled,loved on, smooched, and cuddled some more with my baby cuz. I truly do think this child may be gifted. I tried to warn my fav cuz that she has probably the only perfect baby boy on the earth but I am not sure she listened. Oh well when he is driving the car at two and carrying on full conversations she wont be able to say i didnt warn her!

I also (Hold onto your hats) did some pretty wild and crazy things! I went OUTSIDE to a bonfire. Yes outside. Evi…

See Yall In Two Weeks!

Evidently I cant master this embedding thing. I will have to ask Jan how too when I get home! Everyone BE SAFE and stay warm! I will try and check in cuz I am very sure I am going to be going through withdrawls.............

When All Else Fails

Pull out the BIG guns! I had given up on finishing the customer quilt that was on the frame. That really bugged me as I hate leaving quilts on Gracie if I am not going to be home. It just doesnt seem safe. My Wonderful Hubby came to the rescue! This puppy is so powerful that within 3 minutes I thought I was in Hawaii. Of course he had to leave the back end sticking out the sliding glass door as it is a diesel heater but hey no complaints from me!
Now today is ALL about packing and cleaning because tomorrow I am off to play with a baby!

I can add another

way to my list of how to embarrass my children. I dont do these things on purpose, it just comes naturally to me. I guess its a gift.Evidently mothers should NEVER wear jammies with feet in them. My son has informed me he may be scarred for life........
Ofcourse yesterday he tried convincing me that he had lost like a 100 pounds and was going to starve to death right before my very eyes. Sheesh and they say I am the dram queen of the family.

How To Drive A Somewhat Sane Mom Over The Edge

You trap her in her house in -26 below weather for over a week, with no running vehichles, 3 dogs, one demon cat, one normally very active teenage boy, an 8 year old diva, and NO adult beverages. They are coming to take me away!

The first finish of the year Ü

Ok I did pick the fastest project from my list to do but I felt entitled since I will be gone most of the month and I have to have atleast one finish this month. This was the scarf before the wash. This is the scarf after. I think it may need to be washed a couple more times but I like how it turned out. The best part is I got to move my turtle.Ü
I also finished this purse. I didnt put it on my list because all I had to do was add the handles. I am not crazy about the purse but it will make a good present for someone.

I also made this apron today. For some reason the middle ruffle which is actually red looks pinkish.I should of used black for all three tiers but I ran out of black and it was all about using only whats in my stash.

I also cleaned and organized a bit. Just enough that I now can walk through my sewing room without tripping on things.It looks like tomorrow I may actually get to work. I dont really want to but I will have to wether it warms up or not before Monday. So here…