When All Else Fails

Pull out the BIG guns! I had given up on finishing the customer quilt that was on the frame. That really bugged me as I hate leaving quilts on Gracie if I am not going to be home. It just doesnt seem safe. My Wonderful Hubby came to the rescue! This puppy is so powerful that within 3 minutes I thought I was in Hawaii.
Of course he had to leave the back end sticking out the sliding glass door as it is a diesel heater but hey no complaints from me!

Now today is ALL about packing and cleaning because tomorrow I am off to play with a baby!


Jan said…
I must never let my husband see that or he will claim it as the perfect bathroom space heater. I am not kidding. Did you start singing tiny bubbles?! ;-) Have a great trip!!!!!!!!
Freda said…
Looks like it would do the job. Have fun with Tice.

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