Goodies Galore!

K.... I have somehow misplaced my camera. I have this crazy idea that I may have packed it in the packing frenzy that has been going on. I surely hope not.....But until I find it there will be no eye candy.sigh.

First I wanted to post about the Pay It Forward gift I received. I cant wait to post a picture. Of course being me I have lost the packaging (its probably hiding with the camera snickering) so I cannot give credit but THANK YOU anyways to my friend in Australia who did a wonderful job on the scarf.It came right before I went to Washington. Now I will pay it forward to three people. If anyone is interested in being one of these three just leave a comment saying so!

Second I made 3 aprons today.3! Yay! Yeah no pictures to prove this but I really did. 1 is for a swap,1 is for me and 1 is for my blog give away.Ü

I also was the LUCKY recipient of the FABULOUS Kays generosity! I received that beautiful apron she posted about on her blog just a few short days ago. Funny thing is is that I packed ALL of my aprons in that same frenzy the camera disapeared in.Sigh. I went to look for one the other day and realised what I had done. So your apron is a very very needed and loved gift!

Jody also brought me over an anniversary gift. She spoiled me rotten! I cannot believe all she spoiled me with. It has to wait for a picture though to be truly appreciated.

I really really need my camera. Maybe I will go tear a few boxes apart. Or maybe oldest daughter will take pity on me when she gets home and let me borrow hers....



nettie said…
You're welcome! Hopefully you'll get some sign-ups for your Pay It Forward.
Jan said…
Oh just buy another camera LOL The suspense is killing me!!! LOL I hope you find it soon!!
Karen said…
Becca - What's the Pay It Forward about? What do I do? How can I play?

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