Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Think I NEED This Car.Ü

I would never loos it in a parking lot!

So no camera still today. BUT I have a good idea I may remember where I put it. I somewhat remember thinking that if I put it in a drawer I wouldnt pack it.So tomorrow I go on a search.

I made 3 more Aprons today. hehehehe. One of them is for Feb! Curious are you? Well you will have to wait and see. So far I have 2 done for Feb. Tomorrow I am playing with more aprons. I had to get a couple done that were already due to people but now its all about the playing.

I should be working. Should be anyways. Hubby is still in Valdez though so instead I am being a lazy one and not working.I really cant pack anymore or we wont have anything left out. I cant really clean until I get this garage sale junk out and I dont feel like firing up that big heater in Gracie House. My heater is still not working right. So that massive red neck heater I showed you earlier is all I have. Yeah......I am playing...


If you are interested in this here are the rules. Very simple. Sometime within the next year I will send you a handmade goodie. From that time you will have a year to also pay it forward to 3 people. No return on this gift, just a pay it forward. I have loved seeing the different blogs post about this. It seems to really be making its way around.

So if you are interested just drop me a line with your mailing addy and I will send you a hand made gift! KAREN I would love to have you play!

OK. Its almost midnight and I should get some sleep.heheh there is that stupid should word again... I think I will go read a good book instead. My friend Jody brought me a bagfull of fluff reading.Ü

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Jan said...

I think you should make a scavenger hunt for the camera with an uber good prize and set the kids loose to find it :-D Hope hubby comes home soon!!

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