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We have hit the road! We had some issues with getting the trailor all hooked up but all is smooth now.We definitely look like the beverly hillbillies tho.wat till you see a picture! HeheheheheWe are also in negotiations on the house!!!!!!!!!! Can you belive it!!!!!! Our realtor said she is expecting an offer by ten tomorrow!!!!!I will update later. BTW I am writing this from my blackberry. How cool is that!

Checking In

Not sure when I will be able to again. Hopefully very soon!We hit the road at about 3 p.m. today. I have so much to do to get ready. The laundry these children have generated this past week is shameful! So I will be sitting in a laundry room doing laundry.Then I have to get the travel trailer and animals ready to go.We are all very excited.Sad about leaving the ones we love but excited to start this new adventure.We hope to be in Glenallen before nightfall.Not a whole heck of a lot of progress but we are going to be slow going with the troup we have.Lol.....So yall be good in my absence.well not too good. I will check in when I can!

Is It Disturbing

that when I applied for the kids birth certificate that they asked for NO identification? I am so not kidding. I had the kids socials and i.d. card all ready......Nope dont need those. They did ask for my drivers license but heck. Any yahoo can forge that! I walked out of Vital statistics with two birth certs.....

Skater boy decided to document the journey for you. Here we are on our way.

Now we have arrived at the building........ And just in case you were wondering they have a skate boarders DREAM set up!
Poor kid. He hated to go inside the building. ALL those stairs and rails! The only thing that made him happy was to find out that tomorrow there is a WHOLE street shut down for a skate board demo. Complete with name skaters. I have NO CLUE who these people are but he does.Lol.

It all will be centered around the historic 4th avenue.

We somhow managed to schedule our Anchorage time right around the largest street festival they will have this year.....How did that happen???

Should I Be Worried

That I wake up in the morning humming the theme from Days of our lives?

I have updates but first some pics.

I took this right before we left Kenai. This is our new home. As you can see Isaiah was the very last thing to get loaded in the conex.He had to oversee it all.
This was earlier the day before when we were loading Gracie.......I was very scared and I just cant wait to see how well she traveled.

This is the best picture of all. A very belated posting. This was my apron from the busy bee swap hosted by Shawnee. Debbie M made this apron and sent all these goodies to me. She spoiled me rotten! I have the kit for the appliqued towels in the trailer.Something great to work on.Thank you again and so sorry for takiing so long to post this. Now the news on Killian....... He is waiting in Sheridan Wyoming for me! Its not exactly the same car I ordered but after a few more phone calls today it became painfully obvious that NO ONE could figure out just really where the one I ordered is! With a…

I Have Good News and Bad News

This would be the opening words of my little car dealer today. The guy we had in charge had to leave and he put another guy in charge of it. This poor little man just did NOT know what he got into the middle of.Turns out that my car My Killian is STILL sitting in Oregon. It has been picked up by a transport company and is waiting its turn to be loaded to come to Anchorage! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!I was very calm. I did not scream at him. I did not throw myself on the ground and throw a tantrum. I was a very very good girl. I told him well I am not waiting around for it. My Wonderful Hubby has business appointments that he has to make in Canada and in Minot. We do not have the luxery of waiting. So I told him to fix it..........Three conversations later we had covered that I did NOT want a different car, I am NOT paying to have it shipped after it gets here, I am NOT reordering it, and I am NOT happy. We established that while I understand this is not his personal fault it is not mine ei…

Well I have Somehow

misplaced the camera. Today we are waiting for wonderful hubby to come home from work so that we can leave. It will be time to say goodbye to the house.Then onto saying goodbye to my Jody.All these goodbyes...Last night I said my goodbyes to my martini buddy, her hubby, and my thress munchkins.Wow. Dont want to ever do that again. I am not good at it.Even when I leave my parents I have heartburn and am sick to my stomach the whole day before.I HATE this part.I spent the night in the travel trailer last night and am finding it hard to even go back into the house.My kids have only known this house.Wonderful hubby and I built it ourselves. It actually would be easier if someone else had bought it. So then I would know that a great family was going to play and laugh here. But instead its going to be empty and lonely...........I will be in Anchorage this whole next week. Hopefully picking up Killian will be here before the end of the week........I will check in with pictures as soon as I f…

Meet Ruh Roh

Not exactly finished. It needs to be painted and sealed but I am pretty impressed! Hubby woke up at 4 this A.m. and started putting it together. We had a couple that we were looking at but the price difference is about 2000$.... Yup I like this one!

Now we will have room enough to bring more then just a couple changes of clothes. Yay!

Im done whining

Well for now anyways.Ü

No time for whining. This is what I have been doing for the past few days. Completing my LAST customer quilt as Storm At Sea. After we get to ND I will be known as Turtle Trax.I am very very happy with how it turned out.Totally worth a ripping party. I didnt wind up doing custom quilting.This was just a basic wild meander.It is one of my favorites to do as it looks hard even if it isnt.

In one corner I put an ultra suede moose. I sure hope the cutomer likes it.The quilt measures out at 106x106. I would of liked it a little larger but dang. I was sick to death of it!

Now of course I want one!

No Phone and a meltdown

It has not been a good week. Granted it is only Tuesday.That in itself frightens me.With my luck it is just going to get worse.We canceled our home phone last week because of leaving next week. Promptly after the phone quit so did my cell phone. Its not even a year old so now I have to wait for parts and peices since I am not going to fork over another couple hundred to get a new one.Argh.I thought I could handle it but everyone in my house is GONE all the time.That leaves me with no phone. Canceled the T.V. so we only get like 2 channels. Sold my truck because Killian should be here soon.So I am stranded. Finished quilting the customer quilt so all I have to do is the binding. Of course tho this morning I woke up with a headache so not doing that.WOuld throwing my self on the ground a throwing a temper tantrum help?????? Oh yeah the last people that looked at our house decided that they didnt like the fact that the master bedroom is on the smae floor as the kids bedrooms. They have …

Little A

Oldest took these while camping in Anchorage for me. They TOTALLY fit Little As personality.I need to send oldest out with her camera more often!

I couldnt help it

Jan!I NEED to buy this movie for the travel trailer.Funny thing is we may not be vacationing BUT we are taking Great GMa!Lol.Altho Jers GMa is the bestest and I am hoping she will wind up staying with us in ND.85 years old and the womans a spit fire.We had a showing tonight and we have another one on Tuesday.Both were requests to see our house.I feel like its a set up.Now I am just waiting to hear all the negative feedback.Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE waiting, and as I have been told I am not very good at it either.So I am still ripping on the customer quilt. Not upset anymore just blah about it. So besides cleaning today I did work some more on fun stuff. I cant pack anymore or else we wont have anything left in the house to last through the week.I should be binding but since Im not Yaahoooooo more play time for me.

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Extended Law: If a series of events can go wrong, they will do so in the worst possible sequenceI should have never gotten out of bed today............ The customer quilt that I needed to have quilted today so i had the weekend to bind will now take the weekend to rip stitch.This way next week I can add that to the list of things needing to be done then! Well atleast I have another week with Gracie in the house before she goes bye bye................We needed more bonding time.Ü

Shall I Tell You

What a horrible blog mommy I am! I FORGOT that I had been awarded this very cool award!

Shagrila from My Bella Figlia (one of the funniest blogs I read) (yeah I still cant figure out how to link to a name)

bestowed this on me like 2 months ago! I forgot until tonight! I know the shock of it all is almost unbearable! I am SO SO sorry! I really did have the greatest intentions of putting it up immediately!

Here are the rules:

1)Post the logo on your blog.
2)Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
3)Link to the nominees within your blog post.
4)Notify the recipients of the award by commenting on their blog.
5)Share the love and link back to the person from whom you received your award.

OK puleeeeeze dont shoot me for not bestowing this on 10 people. I really couldnt choose this time! As my wonderful hubby puts it quite often "her little brain has just had enuf!" (he doesnt mean this in a derogatory way I PROMISE you) I absolut…

The Adventure Begins

Wonderful Hubby and i got home late yesterday afternoon. Now the fun begins! We have about 12 days to get all we need done so that we can be in Anchorage when Killian arrives.I have the rest of the house to pack.Mand am I thnakful I have almost all of it packed! I have one customer quilt to quilt,bind,and deliver.Two for me that I need done for gifts and a trailer to organize. Oh and lets not forget all those pesky little things like showing the house, taking care of utilities, and animals to vet for health checks. I have started my lists and I have become SUPER MOVING MAMA! Do you think I could have an action doll made for me! Maybe with a little martini glass in hand? No spandex tho, this super mama is in sweats!


I am a HUGE Betz White fan if yall didnt know. But regardless of all that THIS book is THE best! It is absolutely beyond the bomb! I love love love it.

I havent bought much as I am in the travel trailer now so no room and I am being a good girl but this i couldnt resist. I am SO glad I didnt! I dont think there is one project in it I will be able to pass up!

OK I have to go and browse it some more. I just wanted to let yall know if you were on the fence about this book GET OFF! Its worth it!

Remember me?

Just in case you have forgotten I am the one in the middle!

We found a travel trailer! Yay! Its not the one I thought we would be getting. We came up to Anchorage to get a new one but the lady at the trailer place ticked me off. Evidently after you buy a trailer you dont get it for a few days. It has to go through safety checks and stuff. I was very blunt with her that this was something that could of been said BEFORE we packed up all our trailer stuff and brought it all to Anchorage.

So I told her thanks but no thanks and we would go buy a different one. WE found a used 2001 30 foot trailer with two bunk beds. Its in phenomenal shape and was 1/2 the price of the new one.That makes me very happy.

We wont be home until Sunday night.Then I get about two weeks to finish the last customer quilt.I actually have only two days to quilt it before Gracie gets packed up. Then I have the binding to do.Wouldnt be a big deal but its a 106x106...We are leaving Kenai around the 24th or 25th to head to…