We have hit the road! We had some issues with getting the trailor all hooked up but all is smooth now.

We definitely look like the beverly hillbillies tho.wat till you see a picture! Hehehehehe

We are also in negotiations on the house!!!!!!!!!! Can you belive it!!!!!! Our realtor said she is expecting an offer by ten tomorrow!!!!!

I will update later. BTW I am writing this from my blackberry. How cool is that!


lesthook said…
Very cool! Have a wonderful and fun trip!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear the news about your house!!!! Hope everything goes well.

Here's to a wonderful non-eventful(bad events anyway) trip to beautiful ND! Let me know which way you'll be traveling through the state!
Good Luck!
Jan said…
Go Becca!!!!!!!!
Jody said…
Very good about your house--and why am I not surprised you resemble the Beverly Hillbillies?!? ( I think it has to do with Jer!!)
Rocksee said…
Yay YAy Yay!

So So happy for you!

keep us updated so we know your ok!
Freda said…
Good news on your house Becca and I can't wait to see you beverly hillbilly pix!

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