I Have Good News and Bad News

This would be the opening words of my little car dealer today. The guy we had in charge had to leave and he put another guy in charge of it. This poor little man just did NOT know what he got into the middle of.
Turns out that my car My Killian is STILL sitting in Oregon. It has been picked up by a transport company and is waiting its turn to be loaded to come to Anchorage! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!
I was very calm. I did not scream at him. I did not throw myself on the ground and throw a tantrum. I was a very very good girl. I told him well I am not waiting around for it. My Wonderful Hubby has business appointments that he has to make in Canada and in Minot. We do not have the luxery of waiting. So I told him to fix it..........
Three conversations later we had covered that I did NOT want a different car, I am NOT paying to have it shipped after it gets here, I am NOT reordering it, and I am NOT happy. We established that while I understand this is not his personal fault it is not mine either and it IS his job to fix it.
I have no clue what I will get in phone calls tomorrow.I do know however I am not giving up. I am standing firm. I feel like bawling but I am standing firm. It means we will wind up saving over a thousand in gas,and I wont have to drive all by myself. Finding the positive here!Ü
Other then that our first night in Anchorage went off without a hitch. I had given the two big dogs doggie downers when we left to go to Anchorage. They couldnt of cared less if we had ties them to the bumper and drug them to Anchorage.Lol. They were quite funny. They traveled great tho so thats all thats important.Tomorrow I have to go stand in line at vital statistics for Little As birth cert. We sent her original off to get her passport 7 weeks ago. It should be back by now but evidently the Kenai P.O. is SO beyond excited to get rid of me that they jumped the gun on my change of address.Lol. Yes I can laugh at this.


Rocksee said…
Ohhh NO! Killian is MIA. That sucks.. Hopefully Junior can get this hiccup all fixed. Ride his butt. You can do it!

I am missing my birth certificate too. I was a little hesitant to send that and my marriage license off for my passport, I mean that's some pretty important documents.. Surely our awesome federal goverment will send them all back to me.. you'd think right?


Heres to getting Killian to you!
Diana said…
I'm so sorry about the car mixup. You are right to stand your ground. Where will you be that they can deliver the car to? Another dealer that is close to you? If they have to, the car can be delivered to your house. The last car I had was driven to me at my place of work. I signed the papers in the conference room and she left with the retired fellow who had followed for this purpose. I had bought my car online and it was about 2 hrs away. I didn't have to do the driving. They did.
Make them work it out!
Jan said…
Sending a hug!! A smile!! And a good stiff drink with extra olives!! I'd send a good joke but geeze I can't find one myself... We should both rent vacation and watch it!!!
Yarni Gras! said…
make martini, insert straw.....
OH no.. no wheels.. the worst feeling ever.. it makes you feel trapped. I hope you get that problem worked out soon. You as a mom need your car!!! Its been a while since I last visited.. it sounds like the move went pretty well. I am happy for you. How exciting to make new freinds and getting to know your new area ;)

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