Im done whining

Well for now anyways.Ü

No time for whining. This is what I have been doing for the past few days. Completing my LAST customer quilt as Storm At Sea. After we get to ND I will be known as Turtle Trax.I am very very happy with how it turned out.Totally worth a ripping party. I didnt wind up doing custom quilting.This was just a basic wild meander.It is one of my favorites to do as it looks hard even if it isnt.

In one corner I put an ultra suede moose. I sure hope the cutomer likes it.The quilt measures out at 106x106. I would of liked it a little larger but dang. I was sick to death of it!

Now of course I want one!



Rocksee said…
Pretty darn awesome girly.
Jan said…
LOVE it!! But what's not to love about a nice coffee brown quilt!! I really like the new name too!! Doing the moving happy dance shuffle for you!
Vicki W said…
Well, it looks great!
Freda said…
Love the quilt Becca. I hope you stay safe on your new journey.
Anonymous said…
love the quilting!

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