No Phone and a meltdown

It has not been a good week. Granted it is only Tuesday.That in itself frightens me.With my luck it is just going to get worse.
We canceled our home phone last week because of leaving next week. Promptly after the phone quit so did my cell phone. Its not even a year old so now I have to wait for parts and peices since I am not going to fork over another couple hundred to get a new one.Argh.
I thought I could handle it but everyone in my house is GONE all the time.That leaves me with no phone. Canceled the T.V. so we only get like 2 channels. Sold my truck because Killian should be here soon.So I am stranded. Finished quilting the customer quilt so all I have to do is the binding. Of course tho this morning I woke up with a headache so not doing that.
WOuld throwing my self on the ground a throwing a temper tantrum help?????? Oh yeah the last people that looked at our house decided that they didnt like the fact that the master bedroom is on the smae floor as the kids bedrooms. They have a little one and want to be on seprate ends of the house?!Oh well, that is not something I can change about my house so I hope they find what they want.Lol
Ok I am done whining.I think I am going to run a really nice bubble bath and I am going to soak. Photobucket


Jan said…
Sending a hug! Hope the soak helped!! You are always welcome here!!!
Anonymous said…
Hope things look up soon. We are looking forward to having a few more North Dakotans soon!

Freda said…
Hope today is better Becca.Sending you lots of cyber hugs.
Anonymous said…
what is it with this week? my melt down was monday night. is there a full moon now?
Aweeeeeeeeee poor poor baby.. it will get better I promise :) I am sending a huge hug your way to make you feel better ;)
Yarni Gras! said…
wait, they have 'little kids' so they want their rooms to be farther away? yikes.
I hope tomorrow is better. I hate bummed out feelings.

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