Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Wonderful Hubby and i got home late yesterday afternoon. Now the fun begins! We have about 12 days to get all we need done so that we can be in Anchorage when Killian arrives.
I have the rest of the house to pack.Mand am I thnakful I have almost all of it packed! I have one customer quilt to quilt,bind,and deliver.Two for me that I need done for gifts and a trailer to organize. Oh and lets not forget all those pesky little things like showing the house, taking care of utilities, and animals to vet for health checks. I have started my lists and I have become
Do you think I could have an action doll made for me! Maybe with a little martini glass in hand? No spandex tho, this super mama is in sweats!


Jan said...

Doing the moving happy dance for you!!! Go Becca Go!!!

Jody said...

You could just take it easy and NOT move!!!

withoutadornment said...

I found you on SITS and I thought that I would say "hi!" Good luck with your move!

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