Well I have Somehow

misplaced the camera.
Today we are waiting for wonderful hubby to come home from work so that we can leave. It will be time to say goodbye to the house.Then onto saying goodbye to my Jody.All these goodbyes...Last night I said my goodbyes to my martini buddy, her hubby, and my thress munchkins.Wow. Dont want to ever do that again. I am not good at it.
Even when I leave my parents I have heartburn and am sick to my stomach the whole day before.I HATE this part.
I spent the night in the travel trailer last night and am finding it hard to even go back into the house.My kids have only known this house.Wonderful hubby and I built it ourselves. It actually would be easier if someone else had bought it. So then I would know that a great family was going to play and laugh here. But instead its going to be empty and lonely...........
I will be in Anchorage this whole next week. Hopefully picking up Killian will be here before the end of the week........I will check in with pictures as soon as I find the camera.(This seems to be a problem with me doesnt it?)


Vicki W said…
Think forward! Soon you will be in a new place, making new friends and building a new home of family memories. And you will have all of your old friends to visit and talk to (electronically) every day!
Jan said…
Have a safe journey friend! Try to keep us posted on your new adventure along the way!! We're all cheering for you! Don't make me blog a video cheer now ;-) But I get missing old friends. Facebook... skype... blogs... I get the feeling you are the type to know how to keep those golden friends close no matter how many miles.
Freda said…
I hate goodbyes to. I usually just wind up blubbering. Stay safe in your travels and keep us posted when you can.
vivian said…
I know change is hard-especially leaving your house. Hoping everything goes smoothly and you have a safe trip!
Rocksee said…
I totally know what you mean.

Goodbyes suck.

Safe travels.

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