Should I Be Worried

That I wake up in the morning humming the theme from Days of our lives?

I have updates but first some pics.

I took this right before we left Kenai. This is our new home. As you can see Isaiah was the very last thing to get loaded in the conex.He had to oversee it all.
This was earlier the day before when we were loading Gracie.......I was very scared and I just cant wait to see how well she traveled.

This is the best picture of all. A very belated posting. This was my apron from the busy bee swap hosted by Shawnee. Debbie M made this apron and sent all these goodies to me. She spoiled me rotten! I have the kit for the appliqued towels in the trailer.Something great to work on.Thank you again and so sorry for takiing so long to post this.
Now the news on Killian....... He is waiting in Sheridan Wyoming for me! Its not exactly the same car I ordered but after a few more phone calls today it became painfully obvious that NO ONE could figure out just really where the one I ordered is! With all the trouble GM is having its a good possibility it wasnt even built and they have just been covering. Yeah lets push the crazy lady just a little bit closer to that cliff!
So my wonderful hubby came to my rescue yet once again.He got on the phone and found my Killian! I have to give up 3 options. 2 were options I had only wanted for this trip out.Nothing is missing on the inside except the color. Black instead of brown.Not happy about that one but he was so happy with himself for finding it.He is such a busy man right now and he took the whole morning to do this for me. So you know what? I really really want black instead of brown now.And he is going to be rewarded greatly someday. That may mean meeting him at the door everyday with a chilled Martini dressed as June Cleaver but oh well!Ü
So tomorrow i have to do the errands that I was supposed to do today............................So Goes The Days Of Our Lives!



Rocksee said…
It's all gonna work out!
Vicki W said…
Glad things are all starting to work out!
Jan said…
Where was the spew warning June Cleaver?! Get over here and clean my computer screen!!!! I'm envious of that new home! Looks perfect!!! Gracie will travel just fine!!! Have fun!!! And black sounds good! Nice and warm on those cold mornings!!! Still hides the coffee stains! ;-) Oh wait... that's me continously spilling coffee....
Freda said…
Hanf in there Becca. It will all work out.

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