Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bella Sunshine Designs Clementine Dress

In the sewing world there are a lot of Myths. One is that you should never combine stretch knits with wovens...Well the Clementine proves that myth to be false!
I was so excited to be chosen as a tester for this dress. The moment I saw it I knew it would become a staple in my closet. I mean how much better can it get! I can use all my favorite knits and the world is open to use a woven with or with out bands for the skirt!

There are 3 different sleeve lengths along with lengths to take it from a maxi to a sassy little shirt. It is LOVE with this pattern. I have a few more planned out. 

The instructions were on point and so very easy to follow. Bella Sunshine designs will definitely be a one of my go to designers.  Its on sale through the end of tomorrow. It would be sad to miss this pattern....

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Home Sweet Home

 What a busy last 2 weeks! Our friends showed up and we headed out to our cruise on the Norwegian Sky. It was just a short little cruise. All of 3 nights
but SO MUCH fun! Its one we will do again.

The first stop was a private island called Great Stirrup Cay. This island was so amazing with all food and drink included. The water was so blue and oh so warm!

The second stop was Nassau Bahamas. After Great Stirrup Cay we were left slightly disappointed. We didn't want to go to Atlantis so we toured through the city and then found a little beach a short cab ride away.

 The water was still quite beautiful and warm but the beach was not as clean and there was definitely no people watching.

So after swimming a bit and laying on the beach we headed back to town. We were all hungry so we made a pit stop for Nachos at Senior Froggys.

They were really very good and the portions were huge! But paying 7$ plus for a beer was a little hard to do..

I am thinking the next time we do this cruise we

 probably will just hang around the town and go back and forth to the ship to eat. It was so easy to get on and off...

The first part of our 2 week vacation was totally amazing and I am so glad we were able to celebrate our anniversaries together.


 I am VERY behind on my 52 week challenge though. I was able to complete week 7 right before the cruise..I went rogue on that week. It was supposed to be sew something with hearts..Well one of my Bff's was really wanting a new dress for the cruise...So a day or 2 before we left we ran to the fabric store and picked her fabric up for a Wiggle...Pattern by Patterns For Pirates.
She looks amazing in it doesn't she! So now I have 2 more weeks to catch up!

Friday, February 9, 2018

This will be it

At least for 2 weeks...#week6challenge....

I am SAD about it also. I have been getting so much done...But my house is going to experience a surge of guests tomorrow evening and it isn't going to let up until I am home from the Princess Half Marathon weekend in 2 weeks...

There will be no time to sew..Next weekend we will be on a little cruise and then running running running....So for my week 6 challenge of sewing something red or pink. I made a tie!

Pattern is by Vanilla Joy

I did slim it width wise and lengthened it. But Nerd Minnie is ready to run the half!

See you in 2 weeks when I get home to catch up on the challenge!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

This is the reason

That I love to sew for myself. Retail clothing is drafted for women 5'6" and taller..On a good day I am 5'2"..So styles I love just won't work. Its not fun to alter retail. For one thing the construction sometimes makes it impossible
 This is the Cerena Romper from Rebecca Page ladies-romper-pattern . I fell in love with this pattern a while ago and thought what the heck. hahahah...So I cut it out of fabric I didn't really care about. Fabric that doesn't even really match lol..But that way I would not be too bummed if I chucked it..But guess what? I LOVE THIS!
 I did have to modify a bit. The top needed to be shortened and the waist graded in. I also did not do the invisible zipper. i will do that on the next one. I am so happy with this it is making the cruise list!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Using a Newer Pattern

This was not my original intended pattern. I had set out to make the Watson Bra by Cloth Habit.

But I encountered a couple of problems. First of all my hardware kit didn't get here in time for me to make my deadline. But I also ordered from Canada knowing it takes longer to get through customs. So I think I was sabotaging myself. Lol

I also knew I would be testing a new pattern this week and my focus needed to be on that.I can't post about it yet but I will soon. Its a SUPER cute pattern :)....

So enter my second choice.

Made 4 Mermaids Mama Bridgette. Its part of the newLounge & Lace pattern Collection. I should have also used the Victoria for the bottoms but I am a bit in love with the Ohhh Lulu Claudia Hipsters.

I will be making the Victorias soon but I needed a pattern that would be a no brainer. Lol..I have made so many I could do it in my sleep! 

Now the lace I ordered from Surge Fabrics. It is YUMMY!! All in all I am totally happy with this new pattern. Easy for a beginner and yet fun for someone like myself who has been sewing for years. I am going to have fun experimenting with the Bralette for sure..

Now I am just hoping it will fit the recipient! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sew Something For A Boy


You wouldn't think this one would be hard..I mean 2 monsters and all..But it was! You can get away with a lot for girls..Doll clothes, baby blankets,fluffy and fru fru stuff..Not so much with boys. My monsters don't need anything clothing wise..If they do I make it at the time. I thought about a car tote/holder..Wasnt doing it for me.

Hubby wants some matching ties to dresses I own but I don't have any fabric for dresses that would make a good tie. Hmmmmmm...OH YEAH. The Swoon Atlas Rucksack pattern.

I can not say enough good things about Swoon pattens. They are so well put together and the instructions are AMAZING...Not to mention they have a TON of free bag patterns. This is the PERFECT gift! Especially for a guy. My hubby has his order in for one. I just need to stop making them for gifts and one for him! Lol

Personal monogram
Added Key fob.
I LOVE the detail!
It is love for this pattern <3 p="">
I also completed 5 more skirts! Three of course are for that BFF that puts her order in everytime she visits hahahahah

Sneak peek at the Princess 10k costumes for us.

 LOVE this print!
And I am ending the day with and amazing chardonnay in my beautiful new Lolita Glass...HOW COOL IS THIS GLASS??

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Something to make sewing easier.....

Or in other words #week3challenge....This was not easy for me..For one thing I have been loving the fact that I could keep vacation/capsule/gift sewing and still keep with in the 52 week guidelines...This I could not make anything fit...

But then the end of last week I lost the presser foot to my Pfaff.The foot I use the most often! Now anyone that knows me knows I am organized chaos at best. But I NEVER lose parts to my machine. My beloved love of my life! 2 hours later and I was running for my laptop. To start pricing a replacement...

I put the laptop on the cutting table and just happened to look down to the side.
Yep...It is what it is....I have lost my marbles...
But what it meant was I knew what to make for week 3! A little bit of fabric,boning, and rice and I am now just a bit more organized..

This is the tutorial I used :).

The only thing I did alter was to add a pattern weight to the rice bag for a bit more weight..Now I am off to look for my seam ripper. THAT I misplace all the time...

Bella Sunshine Designs Clementine Dress

In the sewing world there are a lot of Myths. One is that you should never combine stretch knits with wovens...Well the Clementine proves th...