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My Prize

I have really been giving it some thought.What can I treat myself to that I would REALLY work hard to finish my UFOs for. I have come up with a few ideas but it will take some saving. I also dont know whether its worth putting the money into Gracie for. Maybe it would be better to just upgrade the head???? Here are my ideas.

Small Prize:
1.Saddle Chair
2. Edgerider wheels

Medium/Big Prize
1.Hydraulic Lifts

Large Prize
1. Stitch Regulator

The last one is the one I really really want BUT it is also my biggest hang up. When I first looked into this the only way it could be done was by shipping Gracie to Gammill headquarters. So that takes a $3500 uprade and you can add another $1000. I heard a rumor though that now a few authorised dealers are doing it now too.So I need to find that out.Maybe it would not be as much as before. BUT (there is that but again) maybe it wouldn't be worth it? Maybe I should just look into upgrading Gracie?? I am going to have to discuss this with Ron Paul when he …


Coffee wasnt needed this morning. Still enjoyed but not needed. I came fully awake when I went to visit Jan this morning.Then not even a few seconds later I went to visit Freda.Wow! I totally agree you ladies inspire me everyday and so deserve this award. Then to be awarded by you also! Thank you. A great group of ladies to be included in.That is the best award of all.

Arte Y Pico Award
This lovely statue is called the “Arte y Pico” award which was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and talents no matter whether it be in the form of writing, artwork, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogger community. When a blogger receives this award it is considered a “special honor” and, once presented to you, it is to be passed on to at least 5 other bloggers who meet the criteria. ( I so totally cut and copied this, I hope thats legal!)
Now to award this to five bloggers that I a…


My guys are out trying to catch some Halibut.I sure hope they do I am so hungry for halibut.One of my most favorite recipies and easiest is to mix lemon pepper and garlic in Mayonaise(we like it strong) and spread it on the halibut.About a 1/4 inch thick.Then bake.It is so yummy! I am sure it would be good on any fish.

This is Astrid first fish. Our friend Scott and dad took her out the other night and said she did an awesome job of bringing it in.Now she wants to fish ALL the time.Lol

I have decided to keep Pegs challenge going though the end of the year. Unfortunatly I didnt get my five done.But thats ok I did get four. So I am going to just keep it going to see what I can do before the end of this year.I have also decided that I am going to treat myself with a prize at the end of the year if I can get them all done. I dont know what yet but I am going to come up with something good. If I dont get them all done then thats ok too. Ill get myself a little prize Ü!

Here are the pics of th…

She who runs with scissors experiences shear bliss

is done!

Today was a good day for sewing. It rained outside all day and just felt like a sewing day. So instead of working on what I should have (customer quilts), I worked on what I wanted to. I got the binding sewn on by machine to Astrids Bad Hare Day, and almost have the baby boy quilt top done. I also made another 1/2 dozen burp rags.

We have finished the canning for the moment as we ran out of fish! Horrors of all horrors. No King was brought home yesterday by my house but we still did get to eat fresh King last night as someone shared a fillet. YUM! That whole tired of eating fish thing. I am over it. I want more King! I dont know this little guy who caught it but he was only 9 years old and was fishing with a friend of ours. Sweet little guy to share. Must be hid proud dad. Our friend is in the green jacket.

They also got to watch this young moose cross the river. Scott (our friend) said it was quite a chore as the mooses picked the roughest part to cross.
I never get tired of wa…


I have just about had enough. The bad thing is the year has JUST started. This is how I have been spending a lot of my time. For some odd reason I am canning challenged with fish. I just dont get it. I do everything right and could only be guilty of over thinking it but I loose atleast 1 jar per load.Most times its 2. So then we eat fish.....

I dont have this much of a problem doing veges. Oh well.

Five Before July
I cant belive it but I have something to report. I have about 6 inches on the binding of Runs With Scissors, then it will be done! I also threw another top on Gracie yesterday.It wasnt on my list but I decided to add it. Its called Astrid Bad Hair Day. I started it about 3 years ago. I should have been working on customer quilts but I decided to be selfish. I Love how it turned out.I will post pics after I get my camera back.Right now its on the Kenai River hopefully getting ready to capture a king being pulled in!

I have to tell you

what incredible people I think my BIL and SIL are. They are going through the worst pain a parent can go through.Their hearts are broken. But through this they were so concerned with the babysitter that they went over to spend time with her today. I dont know if I could of done that. My husband had went over to give her a hug and tell her we loved her.She is an old family friend (well her mother is).They were of course very distraught but shocked that Joe and Sonja would be thinking of them. Like I said I dont know if I could of done that.

Hubby spent the day at their house picking things up from the medics and packing boxes. Joe said he wouldnt go back to that house. I really understand that one.So now they are looking for a house to rent. Everyone is just numb right now. We cant even bury Erika as they have to do an autopsy first. Atleast though that will give all the out of town relatives time to get here. Jerikah my oldest is taking this so hard. She is out of town and wont be home…


was not a very good night. My 18month old neice drowned in the lake by her house. We dont know what happened.We only know she was with her babysitter. Plaeas hug your children.Their lives are so precious.

There is a rumor

That I might actually finish another UFO before the end of July! I actually quilted Runs With Scissors today. I finished two customer quilts and thought what the heck!

So all I have to do now is sew the binding on.Yay! Tomorrow is house cleaning day.I didnt do super tuesday this week so tomorrow is super friday. Hubby and son come home on Saturday so I guess it should be clean and not looking like it presently does. I am hoping to finish early so I can complete another customer quilt.

Two more and I will be caught up from my week off. That just feels good. I also need to pay for my Moda order and a thread order. Oh yeah that Lawyer too. Ugh........

Its Offical

Ok well maybe not totally offical but pretty close to it.


It is yet again in the 50's, raining and cold. I am wearing a tank top sure.If I dont I wont get to wear one this year. But over that I have a sweatshirt AND a polar fleece jacket. I am so not kidding. I am also wrapped up in a quilt right now. ugh, ugh, ugh, and ugh. We have not had one nice warm day this whole so called summer. As you can tell this is my early thursday thump. Here is that bear picture I promised. I realized I take horrible phone pictures.But atleast you can tell what it is.Ü
So I didnt get very much done today. I only got two things done off my list.I dont feel bad though as I went to lunch with a very good friend.Cant pass up an invite with a friend.So I just have to wow myself tomorrow.I did put in an order to Moda today.For things I absolutely do not need adn I signed up for an apron swap.The link is on my sidebar. Be warned though it looks like WAY too much fun.Fall apron theme…

What a busy day!

Hubby and son left this morning for prudoe bay. Hubby just called a few minutes ago to tell me they were headed for Talkeetna and were thinking about just crashing in the truck for the night.Wow that sounds like fun.......

I got so much done today.Yay for me! I finished the quilt on Gracie and Started another.That is a big accomplishment as both are just HUGE. I am very proud of myself on the second. The lady called me on Sat in a panic. A new customer that had gotten my name from one of the local shops.She needed this king done and within two weeks. Why I am proud though is because usually I am such a pushover and just squeeze them in.

This time however I told her I would do it but I charge a rush fee.She didnt even hesitate! Hubby is always telling me that if I could just get the guts up to tell people this it would be ok, but it just has always scared me.Silly I know but there it is. Anyways I knew I was facing a long week of quilting especially if I fit her in so it had to be worth …


how do you explain to a non quilter how GOOD it feels to loose yourself in quilting? I wish I could share it.

I had a customer call yesterday and tell me that she wanted to drop off a couple baby quilts.HA. She dropped off six! I love her quilts.She embroiders them.So they are always very lightly peiced and always so much fun to look at. She also loves whatever I do. Gotta love those kind of customers. Plus now we have a lawyer to pay for.
While I was waiting I put in a couple passes on the quilt that was on the frame. Man it felt good. It gave me energy.So much so that when I came back inside I folded the sock basket. That is huge in this house.I hate folding it.So it piles up until there are socks spilling out all over the place and my hubby is gently reminding me that people need socks. Well now they have socks.
He also told me next week he is going to take Jerrod and they are going on sales calls.They will be gone a whole week.I am actually kind of jealous as they are going to …

It's Time

It's time to pick myself up and get on with things.

I wish I could say that it was going to be easy. I can't seem to get anything done if Jerrod is at home.All I want to do is listen and watch him. Jer is having the same problem. I am so thankful that he has a job that allows him to work from home. He does a lot of that and also is able to take Jerrod with him.I still cant seem to leave the house, so I am glad that Jerrod is not house bound with me.

He is also going to be a lot of work.I love my husband so much for many reasons but one of the main ones is that he always has been so involved and hands on.We got a little sidetracked here but he is right by my side to help get us back on track.

I hate either one of them being gone but I have come to realize things have to get done. I cleaned house today. I tried yesterday but it just didnt happen. I tried to go out to Gracie house and work also but that didnt happen either.Tomorrow I will try again.My oldest finally went back to wor…


Jerrod is home.Thank you for your help.