What a busy day!

Hubby and son left this morning for prudoe bay. Hubby just called a few minutes ago to tell me they were headed for Talkeetna and were thinking about just crashing in the truck for the night.Wow that sounds like fun.......

I got so much done today.Yay for me! I finished the quilt on Gracie and Started another.That is a big accomplishment as both are just HUGE. I am very proud of myself on the second. The lady called me on Sat in a panic. A new customer that had gotten my name from one of the local shops.She needed this king done and within two weeks. Why I am proud though is because usually I am such a pushover and just squeeze them in.

This time however I told her I would do it but I charge a rush fee.She didnt even hesitate! Hubby is always telling me that if I could just get the guts up to tell people this it would be ok, but it just has always scared me.Silly I know but there it is. Anyways I knew I was facing a long week of quilting especially if I fit her in so it had to be worth it. Now it is. The great thing is, is that I should be done with it tomorrow or Wed. by the latest. I havent decided wether I am working or not tomorrow.

I also got the applique done on the baby boy quilt.It isnt that big of a deal and when I can find my camera I will post a picture. But I am happy all I have left is the peicing.

I also need to post a picture of what we saw crossing the highway on Sat............. A big ole Brown Bear! First time ever for me seeing one this large and crossing the highway right around a large subdivision.Kinda scary as all the bears I have seen here have been little.So when I can find the software for my phone I will post it.


Freda said…
I'm glad you had a good day Becca, and got paid for it. Not so much on the bear. Have a great day.
Jan said…
Go Becca!!! :-D Can't wait to see the pictures! And maybe some of that bear spray stuff for the truck is in order LOL
Smiles! Becca said…
Bear spray.A GREAT idea! I am going to try and be productive today too!Ü

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