Saturday, July 26, 2008


My guys are out trying to catch some Halibut.I sure hope they do I am so hungry for halibut.One of my most favorite recipies and easiest is to mix lemon pepper and garlic in Mayonaise(we like it strong) and spread it on the halibut.About a 1/4 inch thick.Then bake.It is so yummy! I am sure it would be good on any fish.

This is Astrid first fish. Our friend Scott and dad took her out the other night and said she did an awesome job of bringing it in.Now she wants to fish ALL the time.Lol

I have decided to keep Pegs challenge going though the end of the year. Unfortunatly I didnt get my five done.But thats ok I did get four. So I am going to just keep it going to see what I can do before the end of this year.I have also decided that I am going to treat myself with a prize at the end of the year if I can get them all done. I dont know what yet but I am going to come up with something good. If I dont get them all done then thats ok too. Ill get myself a little prize Ü!

Here are the pics of the latest finish. I started it 5 years ago for Astrids big girl bed. She has been waiting for it awhile.Now the poor thing has to wait even a little longer as its going in the fair.Lol

Peg sent me another challenge button.I love these! Thanks Peg! Oops I almost forgot to add my next UFO to the list. I am adding my Oriental Jacket.I started this about 2 years ago and still work on it when I can.The applique is challenging though.But its time to be done so I am adding it. This is the back center panel. The only part that has applique on it. Well for now. Who knows what will be added to it later.


Jan said...

I love that quilt!!!!! And I swear that fish is as big as she is!!!! Go Astrid!!! And definitely bribe yourself... you are worth it ;-)

Freda said...

Becca, when I first read your post I thought you wrote that you would get you a pizza at the end of the year and thought you wasn't wanting very much then I read it again and realized you said prize. DUH!!! Keep up the good work as you have got a lot done. I love Astrid's quilt and like Jan said that fish is as big as she is. Hope your guys catch you some Halibut.

Smiles! Becca said...

Freda! Lol there will probably be pizza involved.Lol...I am thinking much more expensive though.Lol..

We havent eaten her salmon yet.There was a lot of meat! We are hoping for a beer batter halibut/salmon fry tonight!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Becca- So glad you can join my swap! I home school my children, too!:-) Lori

Bunny said...

Oh my I love that fish way to go Astrid it looks yummy. I love fish.
I also love that rabbit quilt since I love Bunnies too ;)
Hope you start your Borialis soon...if you need help just ding me

Smiles! Becca said...

Lori, your swap looks like a blast! Thanks for including me!
Bunny, I hope to start it soon.Its definitely on my list for hubby!He keeps asking about it.

Irene said...

Love that rabbit quilt - just too cute!

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