Its Offical

Ok well maybe not totally offical but pretty close to it.


It is yet again in the 50's, raining and cold. I am wearing a tank top sure.If I dont I wont get to wear one this year. But over that I have a sweatshirt AND a polar fleece jacket. I am so not kidding. I am also wrapped up in a quilt right now. ugh, ugh, ugh, and ugh. We have not had one nice warm day this whole so called summer. As you can tell this is my early thursday thump.
Here is that bear picture I promised. I realized I take horrible phone pictures.But atleast you can tell what it is.Ü

So I didnt get very much done today. I only got two things done off my list.I dont feel bad though as I went to lunch with a very good friend.Cant pass up an invite with a friend.So I just have to wow myself tomorrow.

I did put in an order to Moda today.For things I absolutely do not need adn I signed up for an apron swap.The link is on my sidebar. Be warned though it looks like WAY too much fun.Fall apron theme with, pie recipie, and oven mitt.Its a have to do!


Jan said…
Lunch with a friend is definitely worth taking a break for!! We are cooler here too... but 50?! Brrr... LOVE the bear pic!!!!
Freda said…
Love the bear pic Becca and so glad I don't live in Alaska. Of course when it is 95 degrees and the humidity is 100% I wish I were in Alaska!
Smiles! Becca said…
It was a great lunch too Jan! Freda I do think the humidity you are dealing with is worse! oy, come visit!
Oxxy said…
God Job.
Thanks for adminoyunlar

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