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Back A##wards......

Thats how my dad said I went about things...Lol...He didnt mean it in a bad way. Just that I sometimes do things without thinking first. Then I am sitting in the middle of a big mess and wonder how it happened! Hahah....More on that later...
I received a box this week. My favorite customer from AK tells me she is sending me a quilt....Hmmmm.I get the box it weighs like 50 pounds.Thats one BIG quilt I think.I dont think she knows how to count.There were 5 in the box, ALL king sized! What DOES this woman do besides quilt? hahahaha
I shouldnt be complaining. I mean its work. It just came at a bad time. I have 3 customer quilts sitting here, 6 oversized pillow shams for another customer, and a dress to hem. I got suckered into the dress, still not sure how.
So I took a deep breath and plunged ahead with the first one. I would like to go on record saying that this is the WORST panto ever! I am sorry to the designer although I doubt they read my blog. You will not make any money on this panto.…


Look at the squishy that came in my mail today! The most awesome kit, I so totally love the fabric :)...And a cool turning tool. Really cool! Jody you should post a tutorial so I can put it on Pinterest!!!

Cabo Time

Yes I am making up for the disappearing act I pulled. I gotta fill ya in on why I was gone!
So Hubby and I jetted off to Cabo....Yeah I SO wish it were that easy...We left headed to L.A. during one of the worst wind storms L.A. has ever seen. Of course we couldnt have an easy trip...No we have vacations most people would pay GOOD money to avoid!
We finally got to L.A. to await our flight to Cabo. Exhausted, cranky and sorely in need of adult beverages.I should of known that the worst was yet to come. we get lost like immediately and then find out we have like a ten mile hike to the right gate. I am so not kidding on the hike. I of course was wearing killer shoes..Killer being the operative word..By the time we found our gate I was bloody and limping...So be it.
Thankfully being late to our gate we didnt have long to wait. We get onto our plane and I think ahhhhhh a nice relaxing fight..Not so my friends not so! I am seated next to chatty Kathy and in front of The Golden Girls Married ver…

Glitz and Glamor

So Dec marked the one year anniversary of my pink posse.What started out as a joke has turned into an important girl time for me...Dec would make our fourth party. I took control with my co partner and fellow peep Dawny since the first one was my baby too. Well and we all know I do have control issues :).....
I LOVE dress up. I dont think I can even express how much I love dress up. I really think that I was meant to be a queen and get to wear royal attire all the time. Of course the first thing on my list to make was a crown! Really, are you surprised? SUPER duper simply and they really affirmed my royalty feelings :)
Next I went to the goodwill and purchase some cheap martini glasses and BLINGED them up!! Hobby Lobby sells glass safe paint. It is dishwasher safe and so easy. I did add the glitter :)....There is always a need for glitter.My girl Dawny had some terrific ideas and together we set a table to be proud of.Arent my girls beautiful! They are beautiful inside and out. The mos…

Yay Fiber Content!!

Believe it or not but amidst all my world travels I have been quilty busy :).....I finsished and gave out #3 of the stash quilts.No this isnt a picture of it finsished. I couldnt find my finished picture though. Then I had a wedding gift to make.....This is the back I quilted a feather meander. I just love feathers.
This quilt I started quite a few years ago for a Mystery class for RObins Place Fabrics in Soldotna, AK...Do you remember Jody? In the middle of the prep homework we got some horrible news. A dear friend of ours had died in a tragic accident.......
I attended the class but my heart wasnt in it. I got home from that class and put the quilt up. I have pulled it out from time to time and pondered on what to do with it. Should I finish or should I just get rid of it. Everytime I thought getting rid of it was the right answer something would stop me....
Im glad I didnt get rid of it. The newly married couple loves it and I feel like I crossed a hurdle. I have a couple other quilt …

24 Years :)

I cant wait to see what the next 24 years brings :)

I Disappeared Again.......

I had good intentions of being really bloggy good but again life got in the way....No whining just business. And of course Facebook and Pinterest have NOT helped at all!!!
So I am going to make another start at this! I am going to make a list of the things I intend to blog about and all my fiber fun and goodness and then I am going to get busy!