Cabo Time

Yes I am making up for the disappearing act I pulled. I gotta fill ya in on why I was gone!

So Hubby and I jetted off to Cabo....Yeah I SO wish it were that easy...We left headed to L.A. during one of the worst wind storms L.A. has ever seen. Of course we couldnt have an easy trip...No we have vacations most people would pay GOOD money to avoid!

We finally got to L.A. to await our flight to Cabo. Exhausted, cranky and sorely in need of adult beverages.I should of known that the worst was yet to come. we get lost like immediately and then find out we have like a ten mile hike to the right gate. I am so not kidding on the hike. I of course was wearing killer shoes..Killer being the operative word..By the time we found our gate I was bloody and limping...So be it.

Thankfully being late to our gate we didnt have long to wait. We get onto our plane and I think ahhhhhh a nice relaxing fight..Not so my friends not so! I am seated next to chatty Kathy and in front of The Golden Girls Married versions...I could tell you their life story but I wont. Some of it I may need therapy to forget.

We get to Mexico and after a two hour fight to get out of the airport we get on our shuttle. (that was an ordeal I will spare you, but if you are going to Cabo I will email you what NOT to do!) The drive to our Resort the Riu Palace was long about 45 min. Very depressing and I was in tears. So sad to see how some have to live. Especially as we are on our way to a resort!

Cabo is American. I know its in Mexico but let me tell you it is ALL about making the Americans happy. Grass, Malls, Home Depot, Costco, Starbucks......3 Starbucks! Of course I have no idea what I got as it was not so easy to order. But it was caffeinated..The resort was beautiful and better then I had thought it would be. And yes we did have fun. AM not in a hurry to go back to Cabo but that is because next year will be WH and My 25th anniversary and we are planning Australia! Not sure if my peeps will be able to go but its been my dream. Cant wait :)

This is pretty much what I did the WHOLE time! Usually there was a drink in my hand though :)..
We went zip lining again...One of however did NOT read the description of this event! Evidently it ALSO included rock climbing and rope bridges. And when I say rope brideges I dont mean rope holding up wood. I mean ROPE that you shimmy across....I am petrified of heights. I can handle zip lining. You are going to fast to care...The other however NO SO MUCH...I did what I had to do and took what they call the chicken path for the rest. Thats cool I love chickens..We went to a private beach called Lovers Cove..I had to wear my Green Bay bikini for all those Viking friends of mine.heehee..They are so much fun to tease.I love my friends. They are so much fun to play with.

I will miss them if they dont get to go with us next year......


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