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frugal girls

i tried to send this through text but it scrambles all my weird.will have to look into that. we are still on the road home. a LONG trip made longer. we now have a new fuel pump and two new tires! yay us . i wanted to share frugal girls with you. i feel they are personally responsible for my sanity and my childs life.FREE ebooks!! i cant figure out how to attach the link from my phone. they are on facebook tho...tons of free goodies and coupons plus amazon free ebooks! two just today. ok now back to my joyful road trip. i bet yall are just wishing you could be here!

Will The Real #12

Please show yourself. so I miscounted in the title of my last post. This would be the real #12....I didnt have to buy any fabrics for this either. :0)...I was given a bali pop strip set a few years back that I just never seemed to find the right pattern for. I like how it turned out in the quilt!
I will be missing my quilt room for the next week. I didnt even get to quilt today. :0(...I made baby shower invites all day. Was I really into stamping? Why??? I just did not enjoy it. I love the finished product but the getting there isnt as much fun as I think its going to be. I wound up printing the dang things off of my laptop then just layering. I will show a picture later. When I get the whole baby shower together. The theme is Rockstar Baby lets Rock The cradle! :0) Fun fun!

Flimsies # 11 and #12

I really miss my quilt wall. These pictures are awful!
Here are flimsies #10
And #11
Absolutely no extra fabrics purchased for these! That makes me smile :0).... ALmost all of these fabrics were bought from a friend that was liquidating her stash. She was going to be moving into a care facility and her grandkids did not want to deal with all the fabric. Most of it was just bits and pieces and almost all of it was not my taste. But wow I am happy with how I have been able to use it all.
I will have one maybe two more tops to show you this week. Wed. though I am off for a mom fix. I need to check in on her and see that she doesn't need anything. She for sure wont tell me over the phone as she doesnt like e to worry.I wonder when she will figure out it makes me worry more? We also are going to take this opportunity to bring home the 5th wheel she and my dad owned. She cant sell it in Cali so we told her we would buy it and sell our old one here. Our old one is a bunkhouse with 6 beds. De…

Hello My Name Is Becca

I am addicted to American Idol.......... I am not planning on changing this either!!!
If you havent seen this kid you are missing out. He gave me the shivers he was so good! The last time that happened was when Carrie Underwood auditioned. Just thought I would share.And JODY he ISNT country so you are safe to watch!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my new flimsies!

I Call This

Soon spring will be here.....Besides the fact that the window was dirty and the yard needs to be cleaned I see hope! Two days ago all we could see was snow. Now we can see grass. :0)....Yes I know that winter is not over yet. That we will still get single digit temps, and most likely another dump of snow.....
So what.hehehehe. It cant last for every! Definitely not as long as we have already been dealing with it. So yes I am feeling spring in the air!

I call this stash Flimsy #9!
As with the last two I posted I did not purchase any other materials for this top. :0)...Thats happiness! Basketball fabric was not an unusual purchase for me. Im still hoping that someone comes out with some Sacramento Kings fabric. We need a Kings quilt.
Im actually done with #10.But forgot to get a picture. #'s 11 and 12 are not far behind!


So yesterday sometime our Internet was hacked into.
Now we have had a wireless router for years. Never had a password on it. I know I know, bad girl. But you have to understand I have always had to throw myself on the mercies of anyone available to connect, assemble, or fix anything that has to do with technology. It seems that in my house I am the guru of the group. Now thats sad let me tell you.
So there we are. This idiot decided to put a password on our internet....Really? I mean you couldnt keep just borrowing it? I was ok with that. Instead you had to mess with me. I had to actually spend time on the phone with tech people! I HATE doing that. The conclusion was that we had to get a new router. For some stupid reason we were not even able to reset the box.
After a miserable 24 hours of NO internet we are back up and running and all I can think of is this had better not happen again! We have a strong password on our wireless now and I have had a good strong adult beverage. Sigh all …

A Blast From The Past

A friend sent this to me the other day through Facebook. I hadnt ever seen this photo. But boy did it evoke all sorts of memories and thoughts. I dont remember when it was taken but I remember what life was like then. Simple.....sigh. I miss simple... The thoughts though! First off WH has hair! lol...I have quite big hair, and seriously what was I wearing?I love seeing old photos. Oldest daughter sure was a tiny thing and makes me smile remembering what it was like to be a new mom............
I have been doing a little fabric shopping.Not to replace that stash that I am using but for up coming projects. SO yes there is some justification here.
Two baby showers in the near future and you know how I love making those baby gifts. Cute little things that finish up rather quickly! These are the projects I live for. My candy projects. Who doesnt love baby items?
I know I do :0)

Happy Girl!!!

Despite the fact my Mathews Jersey did not come in and I could not find my GB socks! CONGRATS GREENBAY on a great game! And thank you very much for giving me the next few months to rub this in to ALL my Vikings friends and Raiders WH! heeheehee

Bring It On!!!!!

Sorry this is NOT a fiber related post!
GO PACK GO!!!!!!!
My Clay Mathews Jersey didnt make it in time to wear for the game. Good thing I have my Rogers jersey. I did however get my tattoo (temporary), my new cheese earrings, and my nails are green and yellow baby! Football candy and cookies are made and I am ready to duke it out with those steeler fans I will be around tomorrow! Hmph they dont know who they are messin with. Quilters are tough!

Cookie Dough Mystery

So I go to pull the leftovers out of the fridge and low and behold there is a bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough! I did not make this cookie dough. In fact had I even known there was cookie dough in the fridge I would of eaten it! Probably good thing I didnt know.
Im the one that put the leftovers IN the fridge. I saw no cookie dough. Confused the tar out of me until WH fessed up. He couldnt sleep a couple nights ago and made it after everyone was asleep! The fact that it sat in their two days without being discovered is a shock. I am not a huge cookie fan but I will walk over hot coals for cookie dough. Add into the fact that I have been a hormonal, emotional basket case surviving off of M&Ms and candy corn its pretty darn near close to a miracle he did not come into the house to find me sitting in a corner with a spoon and the bowl!
He had better not play that game with me in the future. I now know he likes to make cookie dough when he cant sleep. I will be on the watch!
So h…

Back To The Stash

Here are Flimsies #5 and #6.Now as to why I have yards of music material thats easy. Worker Boy has been my musical kid. Plays the piano beautifully and has always loved music. So having a ton of music fabric is not a stretch......
As to WHY in the name of all thats holy did I have 5 yards of Hello Kitty fabric? No earthy idea! But what a score. One of the people I am making quilts for is obsessed with H.K. like I am sea turtles! How is that for lucky, eh?
This is one of the chicken fabrics I am considering for my chicken lovin partner.Isnt it cool? I will share the other one with you as soon as it gets here......Yes I DID buy fabric! I never promised I wouldnt. Heheheh :0)