I Call This

Soon spring will be here.....Besides the fact that the window was dirty and the yard needs to be cleaned I see hope! Two days ago all we could see was snow. Now we can see grass. :0)....Yes I know that winter is not over yet. That we will still get single digit temps, and most likely another dump of snow.....
So what.hehehehe. It cant last for every! Definitely not as long as we have already been dealing with it. So yes I am feeling spring in the air!

I call this stash Flimsy #9!
As with the last two I posted I did not purchase any other materials for this top. :0)...Thats happiness! Basketball fabric was not an unusual purchase for me. Im still hoping that someone comes out with some Sacramento Kings fabric. We need a Kings quilt.

Im actually done with #10.But forgot to get a picture. #'s 11 and 12 are not far behind!


vivian said…
I'm ready for Spring too! Can't wait to see the first buds on the trees!
taylorsoutback said…
We are getting the same tease here too...it can't come soon enough for me...although our snow mobile guys are not happy with the trails closed now.

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