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Here are Flimsies #5 and #6.Now as to why I have yards of music material thats easy. Worker Boy has been my musical kid. Plays the piano beautifully and has always loved music. So having a ton of music fabric is not a stretch......
As to WHY in the name of all thats holy did I have 5 yards of Hello Kitty fabric? No earthy idea! But what a score. One of the people I am making quilts for is obsessed with H.K. like I am sea turtles! How is that for lucky, eh?
This is one of the chicken fabrics I am considering for my chicken lovin partner.Isnt it cool? I will share the other one with you as soon as it gets here......Yes I DID buy fabric! I never promised I wouldnt. Heheheh :0)


taylorsoutback said…
Love the piano keys along the edge!!
Hope you are snug and warm - the big blizzard went south of us and Milwaukee-Chicago is getting nailed.
And will you look at Dallas - good grief!!
TerriW said…
LOL! Hello Kitty!...Love the piano are you going to quilt it?
Melinda Cornish said…
I love the musical quilt...the pinao fabric on the side is really fun!

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