Flimsies # 11 and #12

I really miss my quilt wall. These pictures are awful!

Here are flimsies #10
And #11
Absolutely no extra fabrics purchased for these! That makes me smile :0).... ALmost all of these fabrics were bought from a friend that was liquidating her stash. She was going to be moving into a care facility and her grandkids did not want to deal with all the fabric. Most of it was just bits and pieces and almost all of it was not my taste. But wow I am happy with how I have been able to use it all.

I will have one maybe two more tops to show you this week. Wed. though I am off for a mom fix. I need to check in on her and see that she doesn't need anything. She for sure wont tell me over the phone as she doesnt like e to worry.I wonder when she will figure out it makes me worry more? We also are going to take this opportunity to bring home the 5th wheel she and my dad owned. She cant sell it in Cali so we told her we would buy it and sell our old one here. Our old one is a bunkhouse with 6 beds. Definitely will be able to sell it here with the shortage on housing for the oilfield workers that seem to be pouring into the state.... I am so not sorry about getting rid of it. Served a purpose but I have never loved it.


Jody said…
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Jody said…
sorry about that--as I was saying....when are you leaving? A pkg was mailed this morning containing girly fabric. I am in awe of your stash reduction---I just bought about 20 yards...:0)
taylorsoutback said…
Have a safe trip - wish we could offer to buy that 5th wheel! When we came through N.D. last fall we had to travel over 100 extra miles late at night to find a campground with a spot...everything along the way was totally filled with the oil workers.

Take care.

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