Cookie Dough Mystery

So I go to pull the leftovers out of the fridge and low and behold there is a bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough! I did not make this cookie dough. In fact had I even known there was cookie dough in the fridge I would of eaten it! Probably good thing I didnt know.

Im the one that put the leftovers IN the fridge. I saw no cookie dough. Confused the tar out of me until WH fessed up. He couldnt sleep a couple nights ago and made it after everyone was asleep! The fact that it sat in their two days without being discovered is a shock. I am not a huge cookie fan but I will walk over hot coals for cookie dough. Add into the fact that I have been a hormonal, emotional basket case surviving off of M&Ms and candy corn its pretty darn near close to a miracle he did not come into the house to find me sitting in a corner with a spoon and the bowl!

He had better not play that game with me in the future. I now know he likes to make cookie dough when he cant sleep. I will be on the watch!

So here are stash flimsies #7
and #8
I have #9 almost done and #10 started. It is such a good feeling to have a dent made in my stash. However the thought of quilting all these is giving me nightmares.Lol


Jody said…
You are cranking out the tops---and they are gorgeous (except Miss Kitty!!!). I want some cookie dough, too.
Jan said…
Oh great.... you just reminded me I have cookie dough in the fridge... breakfast anyone?!

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