So yesterday sometime our Internet was hacked into.

Now we have had a wireless router for years. Never had a password on it. I know I know, bad girl. But you have to understand I have always had to throw myself on the mercies of anyone available to connect, assemble, or fix anything that has to do with technology. It seems that in my house I am the guru of the group. Now thats sad let me tell you.

So there we are. This idiot decided to put a password on our internet....Really? I mean you couldnt keep just borrowing it? I was ok with that. Instead you had to mess with me. I had to actually spend time on the phone with tech people! I HATE doing that. The conclusion was that we had to get a new router. For some stupid reason we were not even able to reset the box.

After a miserable 24 hours of NO internet we are back up and running and all I can think of is this had better not happen again! We have a strong password on our wireless now and I have had a good strong adult beverage. Sigh all is well in or house again for now.


taylorsoutback said…
Must be the week for routers...we bought a brand new one today -
A bummer that someone messed around with your computer...glad to hear all has been restored and peace reigns again in the house!
I know I sure missed my old laptop while it was down...couldn't even access email from my iPod. Our newer computer is pretty much in my husband's domain and I have to "request" time! :o)
wow so I learned something new today.,,,must remember to ask my hubby about that so we can be on the watch for that! Glad you are back up and running, hope that put the thief out of his free ride!

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