Will The Real #12

Please show yourself. so I miscounted in the title of my last post. This would be the real #12....
I didnt have to buy any fabrics for this either. :0)...I was given a bali pop strip set a few years back that I just never seemed to find the right pattern for. I like how it turned out in the quilt!

I will be missing my quilt room for the next week. I didnt even get to quilt today. :0(...I made baby shower invites all day. Was I really into stamping? Why??? I just did not enjoy it. I love the finished product but the getting there isnt as much fun as I think its going to be. I wound up printing the dang things off of my laptop then just layering. I will show a picture later. When I get the whole baby shower together. The theme is Rockstar Baby lets Rock The cradle! :0) Fun fun!


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