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A Change In Direction

I know I have been absent for so long..Too long..WAY TOO LONG.......

I bet you are wondering what that button is for arent you? Well I will tell you in a bit......First I have missed blogging...I am still quilting and playing in the bling. I have been traveling so much more but I have added another hobby!

I am training for my first half marathon :)...ME!! I still shock myself...I will be doing the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon in Feb of next year. If you would of told me a few years ago that I would become a runner I would of told you to get your head examined. Now though I cant imagine life with out running in it. Its my time. No worries..In fact I have so much time to think I am finding answers to some of the things I worried about...Lol..Like which fabrics to put in which quilt.You know, important stuff. :)

Now I will explain the button...It is to sign up for a Virtual Run....That being said you do NOT have to actually run. You can bike, swim, walk, row, or run...Anythi…