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I have been cleaning out my webshots trying to get everything I want to keep moved over to Flickr. I ran across this picture. It reminded me I NEED to find the box my Jane is in! But it also reminded me of a love that I had for quilting. A time when I was consumed with trying to figure the next block. It also reminded me to ask Jody IS YOURS DONE YET???????

Sometimes You Just

feel like taking a ride! Belive it or not he LOVES this wagon.Lol. Just felt it was time to share another little man photo.I sure miss this little guy. Today I spent 2 whole wonderful hours alone YES alone in Hobby Lobby! Oh for joy of joys. Not even one cell phone call. No mom can I have this or arent you done yet? I actually was able to browse every single aisle and even picked out a few things for the master bedroom. Surprisingly I even found curtain material. Maybe it was because I was actually able to focus on the task. Who knew!

Sunday WH goes back to Alaska for a week and the two oldest leave for California.It will be one whole week of just little A and I. Oh my! What will I do with only one child? Do you think I can pawn the last one off somewhere? Do kennels take children??? JUST KIDDING! sort of.Ü

Hi Ho Silver!

Not very original I know. WH and Skater Boy arent into originallity for their trucks though. Actually they refuse to name anything and leave the job entirely up to me. Then they roll their eyes whenever I say the name. You have to be tough in my family.ÜThis is Silver. Such a cute er sorry such a studdly truck. If Skater Boy ever returns from the realm of teenage lets drive my mother to drink....more age this will be his. For now it is bait. Sounds mean but I belive in calling it what it is. Bait. Be good and you may get this bait. Dont put your mother in a home in a straight jacket bait. Lets all hope he continues on the road to adulthood without that happening. I would sure hate to be in a straight jacket!
Isnt he/she cute! We followed this horse through 3 states.Every stop we made they made.I loved watching his human get out and go open the window. Then I would see my friend pop through and we would chat. Well we would chat with me in Killian. I wasnt scared but afraid his human wou…

Honey I'm Hooooome!

What a GREAT time we had! It was one of those visits where you leave feeling all healed up and happy. I cant explain it. My Jimmi has always been my healer. She is one of those friends that can see right through you and just knows what to say and do. Its been a rough few months and boy just one weekend and I feel ready to tackle the world again.

She is also incredibly talented and amazingly beautiful! She is married to this awesome guy and they have 4 wonderful kids. I want to be my Jimmi when I grow up!

Here are a few shots from the party. ALL brought to you by Little A. This is NOT zoomed in! Arkansas is SO cool!

Jimmi made this table cloth and candy trees for the party.

My beautiful friend. We tore UP White House Black Market and both walked away with some pretty wicked clothes.heheheheheh. They better restock and hire more people cuz I am going back this next summer! Just a warning Arkansas!

Except for not getting to meet Jan this was a wonderfully busy fun filled 5 day trip! Next tim…

3 States 1 day!

THANKS to Val I now know what I was doing wrong! Now I can SEE the pictures so I know what I am writing about!

Right now we are in a hotel in Kasas City Missouri. I am so very tired! We went through Minnesota,Iowa, and are halfway through Missouri. Tomorrow I will see one of my very best BFFs. Her son is the one I am making the bargello for. I cant wait! I need some Jimmi time.

I had to drive through Minneapolis BY MYSELF. WH had to pick up his truck (which actually is supposed to be skater boys truck someday)and I had to follow. That may seem like no big deal to some but my wonderful WH drives like a bat out of hell. I am so not kidding. I was a puddle of goo by the time we stopped.And royally ticked off......

Thank heavens we parked the truck after we got out of town and then road together. I dont do traffic. call me a wimp,chicken,or anything else you want to but I just dont do it.It took me a month to drive in Minot.A city of 45 thousand.

I did happen to get these pictures. I liked th…

Izzie Verses Porcupine

Porcupine wins!

Hard to see from the picture but no playing for me today! DUMB dog!LOLYou will be glad to know she is fine after $150, and enjoying her pain meds.DUMB dog.

On another note we are on the road again! Move us out of Alaska and you cant keep us home! Back to Minnisota to pick up a truck and then down to Rogers Ark to surprise a BFF.Then back home again and ALL this will be accomplished by Tuesday! Can you say tired! I will have about 3 days after I get home to get Cali girls quilt done and bound.I need to get some tranquilizers for WH.He doesnt know how to sit still and he keeps dragging me with him.Ü

An Odd Day

Does anyone know why I only see picture code instead of pictures when I uploade them to my blog? Its very annoying.

The day started out fine but just got weird. Really good things and really bad things happend. The really bad is the quilt I was finishing up on the frame went really sideways and the borders we horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. If it werent mine I would turn it away. I am yet again my worst customer.

But thenn the really really good thing happened. Oldest daughter and Skater boy have a mutual best friend. We will call her Cali girl. Well 2 weeks ago Cali girl was in a horrible collision.She has been in a coma since and her mom has been told many times to let go and say goodbye. I bought my two kiddos tickets as soon as it happened but because of scheduling conflicts they couldnt get out until the 3rd.Just yesterday they were told they would be too late. Today though they turned the machines off and she started breathing on her own. She then woke up and repeated her na…

Kare Rocks!!

Seriously Rocks! She put my design up on her EQ and sent me this scenario last night. THANK YOU so much! I think I am going to love this quilt.

I also think I need to be using this program!

Opinions Please!!!!!

First off I hope I dont get in trouble for copying this photo. But I NEED help!

One of my boys (A VERY very very close friends son) is graduating from high school. I LOVE this kid.Almost as much as his mom.Ü. Anyways two years ago his brother graduated and I made him a New York Beauty in his colors. So you see this quilt has to be a wowzer.

I finally found "IT" after much searching. Jody can attest to the fact that I am picky about what qualifies as "IT" to me. But I found "IT". Picture below. The problem is Dans colors. UGH........

I need help with the placement of these colors. Black,Gray,Orange,and Red. I know I want 2 of the bargello units in a red and orange but its that third that is stumping me. I need 6 shades of each color. Have I lost any of yall yet with my rambling???? Do I go with Gray or anothe shade of orange or red. That would mean I would have to find 12 different shades.

Would Gray look horrible though? Why am I braindead......Sorry I know y…

Can We Rewind

A couple months to summer so I can pick me some fresh lemons!

I totally pilfered this recipie from

I think I may love them.Now to find me some fresh lemons so I can make this. I am TOTALLY scaring myself silly with all this cooking nonsense. Maybe this isnt really cooking, eh?

TOTALLY off topic but have any of you seen the new CHIA OBAMA commercial? I am SO not kidding! Nothing political here because I just wont go there. But doesnt it just seem wrong to make a chia bust of anyone? These people need to be stopped.Just my opinion but it is a little creepy.


1.Lemons – Wash well. Organic or Homegrown lemons are recommended since you’re using the peel…
2.You’ll also need vodka – 100 proof.
3.Zest the lemons – A microplane grater is your best friend for this. If you don’t have one, you should get one!
4.Our lemons are now nude, and our zest is in a large jar, big enough to hold our fifth of vodka.
5.Add your vodka, stir. …


Two posts in one day How About That!

OK this is for Debbie who asked if I had a good recipie for this?

First off I want to know what this is and am I missing something good here? I dont like to miss good things when it comes to food.

Second does anyone want to give us a good recipie? I think I may need to try this and Debbie wants a good recipie.Ü

Actual QUILT content!!!!!

There has been a severe lack of fiber content in my posts lately. So FINALLY I have some!

What does one do when WH comes in and says I need a quilt done before I have to go back to Alaska in two weeks.

Well after one weighs out the pro's and con's of doing physical harm they realize that they have just been ASKED to go buy fabric! I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I figured this one out all on my own.

The top is flannel backed satin and the backing is minkee. LOVE that minkee. The couple that are getting this are very special so i wish this were better. But its all I have time for right now. They paid over 200 at an auction for one I made just like this a couple years back. Right after they had just went through their 5th miscarriage. Broke my heart but she said she wanted it for a special friend and if she ever got pregnant again would I make her one with the same fabric? UH no brainer on that one.

So here it is. I hate the circle in the middle. Design yucky on my pa…

Score!! Ü

The girls and I went to our favorite thrift store yesterday.I had never rummaged through th patterns before but decided to.I am SO glad I did! I have this thing for vintage patterns. Especially nightwear and aprons. Dont you just love the footed pj's! I am thinking I probably will make those too.Ü

Has anyone made this bag? The pattern is itty bitty bag. Or atleast I think it is. I made it today for an upcoming swap I am in and want to make a few more. BUT I am not twitterpated over the instructions. I am thinking that it is me? I dont know. I would be curious to hear from anyone else that has made it.

My biggest problem is that all the seams are visible from the inside. That is going to have to be changed. I dont like that.I wound up sewing bias tape in to cover them. a HUGE pet peeve of mine. There is a reason I line things. Second I KNOW I must be doing the zipper wrong. UGH. I had to redo it 3 times and still dont understand the way the instructions are written.So that I am going…

True Love?


I have been looking for THIS chair for almost a year. Yesterday I found it finally! How come I never knew about Oh yeah because they wouldnt deliver to Alaska so I never bothered looking.

So guess whats on its way to my house? Ü

I also made a BIG oopsy. Evidently my mighty hunters are Pheasant hunting NOT Geese.Lol. I was sternly corrected tonight when they checked in.It also sounds like we are having pheasant for dinner as they have gotten their limit every day!

You want to hear something crazy? I plan on going next year....Yeah I know, something strange happened to me when we moved! Im digging this change though.

Dont worry though Because I also found the cutest leopard print heels today too! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pretty shoes.

Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Now who doesnt love a good episode of Pinky and the Brain? Ive been listening to them all day and the just crack me up! Instead of taking over the world today I decided to play.Ü

First I made laundry detergent. Yup you heard me right. In my quest to be Martha Stewart I have decided to give this a try. According the blog I found I will only use 1 to 2 TBL a load. So the batch I made will last over 150 loads.With what I paid for the supplies it comes out to about 9 cents a load.

Here is the blog if you are interested.

Total time to make was less then a 1/2 an hour thanks to my grater on the kitchen aid. I gave up using the hand grater after about 1 minute. But I did have to mix all the dry ingredients and I was very picky at making sure that I got it mixed well.

I should of turned this into a science experiment for little A, but I didnt have breathing masks. With using…

My Mighty Hunters

This weekend will be all about getting them ready for their big boys weekend at shooting in the air, er I mean at the geese.

WH went and bought a thing that shoots these clay things (yeah I am really up on the lingo) into the air and they have been driving the neighbors crazy all week.I am so glad that they arent really super close.

Now they have ALL the man gear you can think of except for this grass suit thingy that I saw at Scheels and really thought they needed. They didnt think so though.First thing Monday morning they are off! The house work stops and Mom gets 3 whole days to play! I may not understand it but I do love hunting season.

I am pretty sure the geese are safe too.Ü

I Have Closet Envy

Of anyone that has one!!!!
I have had to take over the main bathroom as our room has now went into destruction mode.Sheet rock everywhere! Now we are down two bathrooms and people are starting to get grumpy.Namely me.

The end result will be good though. We knocked out the wall between the master and a small bedroom. We will have a walk in closet and will be adding a double vanity to the master bath. Unfortunately I wont have a bathtub,but My Glen promised me a walk in shower. Yay! No doors to clean!

So for now here is a tour of my closet.Ü