Izzie Verses Porcupine

Porcupine wins!

Hard to see from the picture but no playing for me today! DUMB dog!LOLYou will be glad to know she is fine after $150, and enjoying her pain meds.DUMB dog.

On another note we are on the road again! Move us out of Alaska and you cant keep us home! Back to Minnisota to pick up a truck and then down to Rogers Ark to surprise a BFF.Then back home again and ALL this will be accomplished by Tuesday! Can you say tired! I will have about 3 days after I get home to get Cali girls quilt done and bound.I need to get some tranquilizers for WH.He doesnt know how to sit still and he keeps dragging me with him.Ü


Jody said…
Have fun---wish i was traveling around with you---as long as someone else does the driving!!
Jan said…
Poor Izzie!!!! Let me know if you head through the KC area!!! :-) I love love love seeing you this happy!!

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