Cooking With Becca

SERIOUSLY! you are not at the wrong blog!!!

I was all set to play with fabric today and sone strange unknown feeling came over me! Its over now, thank heavens. The bad thing is that I have a TON of Runza filling left so my work is not done. Argh.

I somehow stumbled across this blog this morning while worshipping my morning coffee. On that blog she had a picture of Runza. It resembles a hot pocket. That is what appealed to me.Skater boy can go through hot pockets like I can go through a quilt shop. Its a bad addiction I tell you.

So I got this brilliant idea! I should of known to shelve that idea until I had iad more coffee.Instead though I ran to the grocery store. OK it more or less resembled a drag/crawl to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.I then came home and started on my little creation.

VERY EASY let me tell you!If you want the recipie it is 2 pounds ground beef,2 onions,and 1 large cabbage. Thats it!!!. Now I know that many could just start with that and create spectacular things (like my hubby and jody's, and Jan) But I am me and I am already venturing into unknown territories of ethnic foods with this.Its German. So I only added salt and pepper.

First I cooked it

Then I cheated.Ü. Yup I am me. Instead of baking bread (baby steps here). I used Pillsbury Crescent rolls.I stuffed them little babies then sealed them.

Then I lined them up on a pan all pretty like. ( I sure hope the words are lined up with the right pictures all I can still see is code.I put them in a 375 preheated oven since that is what the container said to do on the rolls.

Then I yelled at Sakter Boy and WH to shut the commenting up about me being in the kitchen and try the dang things.

The results? They LOVED them!!!!! WH AND Skater Boy have left the house to go purchase more ingredients! Seriously! I hate to tell them though I am SO OVER the cooking thing now though. I want to go back to my room.Ü


Frankly Frankie said…
I see a dinner cheat in my future :) Thanks for the idea :)
Jan said…
I had never heard of Runza, yet here I am full of biscuits and gravy and still drooling over your wonderful creation!!! I must have some!!! Yum!!
Freda said…
They do look delicious Becca. I may have to try them.
Debbie said…
Gosh. Those look great! Good for you.
Jody said…
Now, I know better---when you are in creative mode in the kitchen, you are GOOD!! However, since you are done now and the men in your life brought home more---just let them do it--you don't need to hog the kitchen!! And I'm gonna have to make this now too! Don't tell DH and I'll impress him!

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