Actual QUILT content!!!!!

There has been a severe lack of fiber content in my posts lately. So FINALLY I have some!

What does one do when WH comes in and says I need a quilt done before I have to go back to Alaska in two weeks.

Well after one weighs out the pro's and con's of doing physical harm they realize that they have just been ASKED to go buy fabric! I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I figured this one out all on my own.

The top is flannel backed satin and the backing is minkee. LOVE that minkee. The couple that are getting this are very special so i wish this were better. But its all I have time for right now. They paid over 200 at an auction for one I made just like this a couple years back. Right after they had just went through their 5th miscarriage. Broke my heart but she said she wanted it for a special friend and if she ever got pregnant again would I make her one with the same fabric? UH no brainer on that one.

So here it is. I hate the circle in the middle. Design yucky on my part.But I was flying by the seat of my pants here as I still cant find most of my patterns.


Jody said…
Gorgeous!! And I 'spose it is all freehand except the perfectly round circle?!?
Jan said…
It's absolutely beautiful!!!!
Freda said…
It's beautiful Becca. Your friend will love it.
I really hate that circle...Just saying.....

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