Laundry Room After

Ok I am hoping I am typing this after the right picture.Lol. Hopefully this is looking out into what will be the pool room.It is under construction.

I am hoping this one is a picture of where the door used to be. We walled that up and then toor down the wall between the pool room and that storage room. It will be a new mini kitchen.

I tried to get it all cleaned up but it was impossible to find the room minus laundry.Ü. Tis is as good as it gets. The base trim hasnt been done yet.It will b e finished after the flooring in the pool room is done. WH also hasnt plumbed in my wash tub. He is waiting to do all the plumbing at once since we will have a little sink in the pool room kitchen. So now it is on to finish my sewing studio so I can get pictures of that!


Freda said…
It sure looks good and isn't pink! Your hard work really looks good Becca. I love your new website.
Jan said…
I LOVE that laundry room!! Big, bright!! Awesome!!
Jody said…
I like the apron!!!!

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