I Have Closet Envy

Of anyone that has one!!!!
I have had to take over the main bathroom as our room has now went into destruction mode.Sheet rock everywhere! Now we are down two bathrooms and people are starting to get grumpy.Namely me.

The end result will be good though. We knocked out the wall between the master and a small bedroom. We will have a walk in closet and will be adding a double vanity to the master bath. Unfortunately I wont have a bathtub,but My Glen promised me a walk in shower. Yay! No doors to clean!

So for now here is a tour of my closet.Ü


Jan said…
I'm trying to imagine no shower doors to clean and I just got shower envy....
Freda said…
It will be awesome Becca.
I know just how hard it can be to try and live through a remodel job. So dusty. Hang in there, it will be worh it! Stopping by from SITS!

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