True Love?


I have been looking for THIS chair for almost a year. Yesterday I found it finally! How come I never knew about Oh yeah because they wouldnt deliver to Alaska so I never bothered looking.

So guess whats on its way to my house? Ü

I also made a BIG oopsy. Evidently my mighty hunters are Pheasant hunting NOT Geese.Lol. I was sternly corrected tonight when they checked in.It also sounds like we are having pheasant for dinner as they have gotten their limit every day!

You want to hear something crazy? I plan on going next year....Yeah I know, something strange happened to me when we moved! Im digging this change though.

Dont worry though Because I also found the cutest leopard print heels today too! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pretty shoes.


Jody said…
Okay--having things deliverable IS a perk for living outside!! Ceeeute chair!! Lemme see the shoes!
Shawnee said…
That is so gorgeous. I want one, too. =)
Vicki W said…
Yum! Pheasant pot pie is my favorite dish!
Jan said…
Make sure nobody shoots the chair!!! :-) It's cute!! You may need to send it to me until hunting season is over....
Freda said…
Love the chair Becca. Hope you love hunting as much as I do. Go Becca!!!!!!!!!!!
SweetWICK said…
Okay, I could totally picture this chair in a funky room with pink bright pink walls...I love FUNKY...nice find!

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