Hi Ho Silver!

Not very original I know. WH and Skater Boy arent into originallity for their trucks though. Actually they refuse to name anything and leave the job entirely up to me. Then they roll their eyes whenever I say the name. You have to be tough in my family.ÜThis is Silver. Such a cute er sorry such a studdly truck. If Skater Boy ever returns from the realm of teenage lets drive my mother to drink....more age this will be his. For now it is bait. Sounds mean but I belive in calling it what it is. Bait. Be good and you may get this bait. Dont put your mother in a home in a straight jacket bait. Lets all hope he continues on the road to adulthood without that happening. I would sure hate to be in a straight jacket!
Isnt he/she cute! We followed this horse through 3 states.Every stop we made they made.I loved watching his human get out and go open the window. Then I would see my friend pop through and we would chat. Well we would chat with me in Killian. I wasnt scared but afraid his human would yell at me.WH thought that they might think I was strange, imagine that. The human didnt look really friendly. I was sad to see them go off their little exit and head for Minnisota.
This is what I worked on. I have about 4 of 9 blocks done. I only work on it on road trips. You would think I would have it done by now but I get sidetracked quite easily.
Ok so today I need to get Cali girls quilt quilted.No changes in her recovery. My kiddos leave in about 5days though.


Jan said…
I think honesty is always the best policy. Kids aren't dumb LOL LOVE the embroidery :-)
Jody said…
I think you'd look cute in a straight jacket that matches mine!!
Helen McGinn said…
Hi, stopped by from SITS, LOVE the embroidery, very cute.

I once was surprised to see a car drive behind us all the way from Glasgow to Manchester, taking the same route, making the same stops etc.; the guy was even waving at us and we waved back.

It wasn't until 4 hours or more later we realised it was my friend's boyfriend with my stupid passport.....

So, nothing like your horse story but just thought I'd share... ;O)
Yarni Gras! said…
I love silver....and I love calling him BAIT! heehee.......sounds so naughty.
As for the horse and human.....*sigh* I miss those days of traversing to horse shows and whatnot with my own sweet steed....
Anonymous said…
It looks great!

I love horses too.

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